Many people think that Pinterest is just a site where many women share their fashion photos, food recipes and wedding ideas. Yes, it is true that almost 85% of the 100 million users of Pinterest are women but believe it or not, Pinterest can actually help you find a job and boost your career. We all know that Pinterest has an overwhelming amount of resources. Now, why not use that to help you get ideas about your career or find a job.

Here is a list of ideas where you can use Pinterest to advance your career:

Searching for a Career

Pinterest is a great place to find information, ideas, as well as inspiration for your career and business.

Experts’ Advice

Many experts in the different field use social media like Pinterest to share their knowledge, expertise, and resources to those who want to excel in their field too.

Be Employed

One can use Pinterest as a platform to have themselves employed. How? Pinterest offers a personalized space where you can collect your work as wells as other people’s work. One can upload their CV as well as other credentials here and then make their profile as a reference for employers. One can also showcase their skill and make their profile posts more inclined to their career.

Cover Letter and Resume Ideas

Another way to use Pinterest for your career is to get ideas for a cover letter and resume. If you are looking for a job, one must have an excellent resume partnered with a well-written cover letter. Thankfully, Pinterest offers a variety of resume and cover letter templates where one could explore and adapt as well as combine to increase his or her employability.


With its great amount of resources, Pinterest can offer your several new information and ideas that are related to your career. You can also find new skills which you can try out to improve yourself.

Interview Ideas

The interview is probably the most feared part of the employment process. It is always best to be prepared and get ideas from those who have undergone the process and has aced it. Fortunately, you can get as many interview ideas as you want on Pinterest. These ideas range from interview etiquette, interview examples, interview questions as well as proper clothes to wear during an interview.

Share Your Profile

One way of finding a job fast is to advertise yourself. Now that you have created your profile, share it with your other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Put it on your business cards and add it to your email signature.

Utilizing social media like Pinterest to advertise yourself is one great way of getting yourself employed fast. Not only that, with its unlimited resources, one can acquire new skills and knowledge which are necessary for developing their career. The only thing that is needed to expand your career and be successful in it is with creative thinking and some pinning.

About the Author: Jennifer Broflowski is a blogger and contributor to resume blog