Have you been exploring social media and wondering how you can use Twitter to find new customers? As one of the largest social media websites in the world, Twitter needs very little in the way of introduction. The site – originally founded with the idea that users can follow one another to read small updates called “tweets” – has grown into an ecosystem with hundreds of millions of users, and that means there is serious marketing potential here. Let’s explore a few ways that a business can use Twitter to find and engage with potential new customers.


Prospecting with Advanced Search

Twitter’s advanced search feature can be a very effective tool to use when prospecting for new business. Try searching for keywords related to your products or services, or other brands that are in your space. You might find that there are users who are looking for a specific product that you sell, or others that are fed up with one of your competitors and may be looking to jump ship to a new brand. Whatever the case, work to engage with these users so that they become loyal to you.

Watching your Keywords for Mentions

One of the best parts of Twitter is that it is a constant stream of newly-updated information, a lot of which has to do with questions about products and services. Make use of a software or service that can keep a watch over Twitter for any keywords or mentions that are related to your business so that whoever is managing your company Twitter account can connect with those users to answer their queries or to thank them for recommending your products. It makes people feel good when they get the help that they need, so don’t be shy about connecting!

Tweeting Users Directly Can Really Pay Off

While it’s considered a bit of a “taboo” to attempt to direct message or DM your followers to sell or pitch your products, it’s actually not all that bad to have your business tweeting directly at those who are talking about your industry or niche. By giving users the perception that there is a human voice behind the company Twitter account, they may be a lot more willing to engage with you and in turn, may convert into paying customers down the road. Twitter might come off as an annoyance or a waste of time for someone who doesn’t use it, but with such a large, dedicated user base it can be a boon to businesses who take full advantage. Give Twitter a shot – you may find a lot of new customers!

When he’s not tweeting, Rubin can be found either walking his dog or playing his grand piano. He often covers the latest news in the marketing automation arena and recently has attended the Aprimo Marketing Summit, or AMS12 as it’s known.