The mobile market has been growing ever since it began; but, the rate of growth today has far exceeded the previous years. Today more than ever, people are browsing the web using their smartphones. Therefore, if at all you want to succeed in the world dominated by smartphones and tablets, you’re going to have to make sure that your blog or website is customized for these devices.

mobile friendly

Therefore, if at all you don’t have a plugin that helps you modify your website for mobile users; this would be the right time to find one. However, when you search for a plugin to do this job, you need to make sure that it only converts the page into mobile view for people viewing the page form their mobile browsers.  Let’s take a look at the possible top 3 WordPress plugins that would help make your blog mobile friendly:

WordPress mobile detector

This WordPress plugin makes it really easy to change your blog so that it modifies itself for mobiles. This can now be done in a couple of clicks. Usually, plugins are created for specific mobile models and therefore you would find it hard to meet the demand of the growing market. However, mobile detector supports over 5,000 phones, smartphones as well as tablets in addition to other small screen devices.

That’s not all; there are some other features that you’d love as well:

  • All WordPress widgets are supported
  • You don’t need to worry about language as multilingual websites are supported
  • Around nine cool themes are included with the plugin
  • The content is formatted specifically for the device viewing the page; images are also resized to match the content based on the device your visitor is using.
  • It keeps track of stats and you could use it as you please.

WordPress Mobile Pack

This is another great plugin which allows you to control the appearance of your website on particular mobile devices. If you want to modify it to suit the most popular device that browses your blog, you could identify that device using domain mapping.

This plugin comes along with a single theme, but you could choose from 4 vibrant colors.

Mobile Press

Mobile Press even though it helps a lot, is relatively simple and only provides you with a few options. But, if you’re in search of something that’s easy to use and test, this plugin is the best.

Basically, you’re provided with two themes which are almost similar. But, if you want to create a whole new theme on your own, the developers are willing to help you out. Since the plugin is created by Aduity you would also be able to place ads specific for mobile devices – but, this isn’t a compulsion.

So, we see that there are plenty of options when it comes to customizing your blog or website for the most popular mobile devices. However, the controls available and the ease of use of all the available plugins differs and you would have to choose depending on what you’re specifically looking for.

There are many wordpress theme designers in the market but its important to ask them for their portfolio and check the references before selecting one. Abhishek assists his clients in evaluating the services of different web design companies in the market.