Social media as a marketing tool is no longer a small side project in a business’s budget. Just about all businesses have realized the power of social media and are stepping up their efforts to leverage it. There isn’t just one tech-savvy employee posting updates on a Facebook page when time allows for it. There’s often an entire team of employees dedicated to designing and implementing an effective social media strategy.


Managing several sites at once, creating content, analyzing ROI, engaging users, and collaborating on all of it as a team isn’t easy to do, so you’re going to need some advanced tools to work with. That’s where an enterprise social network comes in. Sprout Social is one of the most popular tools for business social media management; should you use it?

One Dashboard to Rule Them All

Logging in to several social media sites one at a time one to check on things and update is a tedious, impractical process. Sprout Social gives you one single dashboard on which you can manage all of your profiles at once. You can view and answer posts, and send updates, straight from Spout Social. This is itself makes it an awesome tool for businesses, and if that were all it offered, it would still be worthwhile for any business with more than one social network to manage. But the good part is – that’s not all.

A Place for Departments to Commingle

As your social media strategy grows, it should also involve your customer service and sales departments. Coordinating any marketing effort that involves multiple departments and multiple platforms is a challenge, but Sprout Social will make it easier for everyone to stay involved and updated. Multiple users can access the dashboard, and there are plenty of useful features. For example, if a fan leaves a customer service question on a profile, ZenDesk integration allows you to turn it into a help ticket and forward it to the appropriate team member. It’s also easy to assign and monitor all tasks in general. Analytics can be accessed by everyone and compiled into custom reports.

The Oxymoron of Social Media Automation

Scheduling pre-written posts and automating updates goes against the true notion of social media, but for businesses, automation can be a useful tool. You can schedule future updates, add posts to a queue so you’ll always have content ready and available, and you can make use of one of Sprout Social’s best features, ViralPost. ViralPost will analyze your social media followers and trends and tell you exactly when the best time to post an update is for maximum engagement.

What’s the Catch?

Is Sprout Social right for all businesses? Not everyone business will think they have the need for such an advanced tool, but even the smallest of businesses can benefit having one central location to track and manage all things social media. Yes, it costs money, but plans are scalable in size and cost, and it’s relatively inexpensive for how much time and effort it will save your business. The sheer number of features can be difficult for some people to learn, especially if those people are new to social media in general. But compared to other similar tools, Sprout Social is easy and intuitive to use.

Sprout Social can be great for your business’s social media marketing campaign, period, and it’s better than some of its competitors, including Hoot Suite. With a one-month free trial available, you have nothing to lose by testing it out. Social media management can be a challenge, but you don’t have to do it alone.

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