Are you looking to expand your brand, increase your web presence and dominate within your industry? Social Media is the place! There are literally hundreds, possibly even thousands of social networks and new ones on the rise every day. Meaning, you have thousands of opportunities to promote your businesses brand and dominate within your industry.

First things first, how will your customers or audience find you? With so many social networks it can be virtually impossible for anyone to find you if your business is scattered throughout the social networking realm with a variety of different profiles and usernames. I want to take this time to discuss a few strategies that will help you ensure your brand is consistent across social networks.

Google Search

If you were to search for your business on Google right now, do you know what will show up in the search results? Same for your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn accounts. If someone searched for you in association with those social networks, would they be able to find you? If yes, this means you are using a consistent profile and username across the various social networks. If not, this means, you should revamp and reconsider fixing this so you will have a consistent profile and brand throughout. Even more, if you have not registered your business for any of these major networks, then you should get started right away. There are many business whose social network pages are among the highest ranked pages in top search search results. So you do not want to miss out on this grand and free opportunity.

Web Presence

Be sure to evaluate your web presence strategies. For example, if you are using a ymail email address, you should consider using a custom business email address that will represent your business instead. The custom email address should include your business name as your domain.

For example, instead of you should be using or something of similiar reference such as

Similarily, if you are using free blog hosts like or you should consider hosting your own blog using your own custom domain such as ( Custom addresses are more professional and the adjustment of minor details like these can make major differences for your businesses brand and web presence. Social networks can differ significantly, one from the other; therefore, maintaining name and brand consistency throughout each network is very important.