When it comes to the internet and social media activity, nothing can beat the flaming blaze of social buzz  that social media sites have created. In fact, social media networking and interaction have become an integral part of our lifestyles, especially in business.

Many social media sites are among the “What’s Happening Now” and the “Who’s Who” of which anyone can make themselves seen and heard, without much effort.

As business owners, we have the ability to mold, create and build Fame and credible reputations rather quickly. In face, there are many businesses today that are dependent upon the activity of social media sites to drive traffic, user interests, and new connections. Therefore, if not careful, the pinnacle of the social media claim to fame can also be dangerous if not handled correctly.

While we are all lucky to be able to communicate with just a click of a button with anyone online, the things we posts, we are accountable for, even those things that are potentially damaging. Surely, you have heard stories of employees getting fired over a simple post on their social media pages. You may have even heard news of companies being damaged by one careless post. If the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true, just think about what one careless post or picture can say about you.

There are many things to consider before posting anything online, for example:

When posting a message, be aware of your emotions and how people might interpret your post. Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to poor social judgement, especially since your reputation is directly linked to your business credibility. You don’t want to make fun of a customer who made an irrational complaint. You don’t want to complain or whine about how tiring it is to please your employees or customers. Even if you set your privacy so that your staff and customers are unable to see your posts, there are many ways information ‘good or bad’ can be leaked out. You never know who may know you, your customer or someone in your staff. A negative impact like this can do major damage to your business.

A simple picture can be quickly damaging. While you may think that you were having fun at a party, that image of you going “buck wild” might tell your employees or customers that you are not to be taken seriously. Not only customers and employees, but people in general may attempt to walk all over you. If not that, something like this could lead to derogatory comments and reactions, even harassment. Would you really want this type of dramas and the damaging effects this could do not only to your reputation as a person, but also the reputation of your business?

Being cautious of what you post is definitely going to help you maintain and protect your personal image as well as your business image. In fact, if you don’t feel confident in knowing what is or isn’t appropriate to post, there are a few things you can do to help.

The internet offers a lot of advice and articles on how to use your social media site for business. There are also forums that focus on strategies to properly build your businesses and brand through the use of social media networking. If that is not enough, there are many free webinars that offer training on how to best mange social media fame, networking, and communities to your advantage. These resources focus on helping business owners build their online presence without damaging them at the same time.

Social media in and of itself is not a bad thing, or even a right or wrong thing. However, wrong social etiquette, can easily and devastatingly make or break your business. If you truly want to protect your image and want to know what your doing, seek resources that will help you get the right training. With correct management and strategic practices, social media can get you the image and reputation want.