The publishing industry is not complete without the strategy of marketing and distribution services; therefore, you need to find out more about the distribution channels available for self-publishers.

If you have written the perfect book and have adopted a distribution channel that does not target the readers you want to sell your book to, the book can land up in a loss.

The publishing industry is very important to understand including the various ways in which a person can market their books well. In the earlier times, manual marketing and distribution was the key reason behind the success of a book. Nowadays with the advent of technology, science and the internet, book publishing and distribution has reached new heights.

Talking about the most sought after channels of distribution when it comes to book publishing, one has a variety of options to choose from. Here is a brief description as to how these vivid channels can be helpful in raising the sales of a book:

Sales Agents – There are many options when it comes to hiring sales agents that will help you to market your books to relevant audiences. These sales agents are marketing professionals that are proficient in drafting plans that can bring up the sales of the books. In addition to this, they are in a position to judge the target readers and cater to them effectively.

Publisher Representatives – These are representatives that are appointed by publishing companies to visit the book stores and market books. As a self-publisher you may be responsible for hiring your own representative. – This is one of the most lucrative sites that has brought internet and online marketing relevance to the book publishing and distribution industry.

Libraries – These institutions have always been the primary hub for most books. It is still the most preferred channel of distribution when it comes to book distribution. Local libraries can be targeted for small level distribution. A larger number of people are expected to go through the books if they are well marketed in the library.

Online Stores -The latest and the most popular way to distribute books for a publishing house is through the online stores. There are many online stores that have been operating with the objective to showcase a variety of books for all sorts of readers. You can target a particular group of readers and advertise book in specific categories.

Academic Institutions – A very prominent way to distribute your books is to target educational institutions. Most publishing companies publish books in a variety of categories.

Advertising – Book distribution can also be initiated with the help of advertising. A good and constructive advertisements can be in the form of online and offline.

Seminars – can aim at providing knowledge to specific groups and book sales can aid in distributing the referenced knowledge as well as the full details of the topic. This is a good way to drive direct impact to your target audience.

Sample Distribution – Is a popular and effective way to market your books to target audiences as well. A limited number of free copies can be circulated to your target audience to raise interest in the books. This is a good way to produce a tangible effect and demonstrate what the book has to offer.

Newstands – this is the oldest and the most convenient form of book distribution and has been in use for a long time. This methodology was adopted by publishers in order to distribute the books to a wider audience and also to generate quick sales, which proved to be big business.