Social sharing buttons are known to have a great value especially to those people who understand how to use them. There are some sites which are known to make use of all the social sharing buttons that are available. There is currently a new revenue model that involves the sharing buttons on WordPress. is a platform which allows people to people to take sharing to a whole new level as it allows you to start generating decent revenue from your site. We will explore the area of generating revenue from social sharing buttons on this article.


So how exactly does work?

eCPM is basically used to refer to the cost per mille which means thousand in Latin. This is basically the pay you receive for every 1000 views. The people who view them do not even have to click them for you to get paid.This is actually free to all users and is so far the only social platform that actually pays you for the social sharing activities which take place on your site. They have gone out of their way to come up with a creative and simple revenue model. When someone shares your content there is a confirmation box that appears on your site that has 300×250 digital campaign ads that are products of the parent company of known as RadiumOne. The ads usually pay in terms of premium eCPM. Since the ads are from the Fortune 500 companies, they are known to pay as much as $25.

You get access to over 50 social sharing media sites which include Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest and Tumblr.Some of the offers that are available from post include:

  • The social sharing buttons are available to you in a variety of styles ranging from big, small, medium, vertical and horizontal and they may or may not have share counters.
  • You can also improve on your social sharing strategy by making use of the social analytics it offers. has taken the market by storm with many major sites adopting it in a bid to make more revenue. Some of the big sites that have benefited include ImageShack, ESPN,, TheChive and many more. Recently, launched a WordPress plugin and this has made it available to people who are looking to make revenue from the sharing buttons that are on their sites.

  • You start off by installing then activating the social sharing WordPress plugin.
  • You then proceed to create a new free account on the website by clicking the join button. You will be able to get a unique publisher key that can be used on your site.
  • You can then monetize your social sharing buttons by entering your publisher key.
  • The designer settings allow you to alter the way it displays whether it is above or below a post. It can also appear as a vertical floating social sharing bar.

You can also use the custom code option to customize the display. Using the share buttons allow you to make money as opposed to using Addthis and Sharethis. Choose, for your Social Sharing, and make that money.