A major part of internet users go to Google primarily or even solely, in searching for anything they need to get information about. For this reason, it is important that one’s blog site be easily searchable in Google. Otherwise, the blog site does not exist.

Most bloggers aim to be indexed by Google in order to become searchable in Google and start getting a lot of readers. And we all know that the best way for this to happen is by getting organic traffic or traffic which is driven from Google itself.

Here are reliable tips in getting your blog site indexed by Google fast:

  1. Register with reputable blog communities – There are a couple of reputable blog communities that have very high rankings in Google and other leading search engines as well. Examples of these are BlogCatalog, Blogged, MyBlogLog, and NetworkedBlogs. It will be very helpful to have your blog in these groups for it to be indexed by Google. It will only take a few moments of your time and effort to register with these communities and the result will definitely be worth it. Be sure though, to write a proper and interesting description of your blog, come up with appropriate keywords and tags, make a unique logo, screenshots, avatars, color themes, and put your blog in the right category.
  2. Make sure to have enough pages for your blog site – The ideal number of pages for a blog site should be five and it should be no less than three. To start with, make a contact page, about us page, and privacy policy page which is an important part especially if you are planning to have Google Adsense ads.
  3. Increase your site valuation by visiting stat sites – Websites that deals about a particular website’s worth can help a significantly in getting indexed by Google. By simply going to these websites to check how much your blog site is worth, a special page will be created for your blog site which will be indexed by Google. Examples of websites that are worthy to check out are StatBrain, CubeStat, WebTrafficAgents, BuiltWith, QuarkBase, Whols, URLfan and AboutTheDomain.
  4. Make use of Google Webmaster Tools – Create an account with Google Webmaster Tools then add your new blog to that website. Be sure though, to make your sitemap known to Google through the plugin above.
  5. Create an account with different social media sites and use your blog’s URL as your account name – If your blog site’s name is, for example, ChubbyMommy, your Twitter’s username should be @ChubbyMommy and your Facebook’s username should also be ChubbyMommy. By creating a common username for all your accounts with the major social media sites that is the same with your blog site, it will be indexed faster by Google. It will also help establish a ‘brand’ for your blog.

Final Thoughts: Following these tips should get your blog site indexed by Google faster. However, once indexed by Google, it is equally important to sustain that traffic with continuous valuable and interesting content.

About The Author: Kristine M. has written a lot of how to articles pertaining to SEO and broadband ISP’s. Watch out her next posts for more helpful tips related to these matters.