Many Internet entrepreneurs rely on the services of internet based marketing agencies to help them develop their marketing strategy to increase website traffic. Marketing agencies also help optimize the website for increased conversions.


Marketing agencies will use a variety of services to achieve its goals. The most commonly used methods are advertising, search engine optimization, and email marketing.

Advertising though Pay per Click (PPC) options

Under this method, the agency fine tunes the website’s keywords and keyword phrases for increased exposure in search engine results. The goal is to rank on the first page and above all other results during a natural search on a particular keyword or keyword phrase. The placement is specific for each search engine provider and the agency targets the search company and keywords that have the highest potential for generating traffic to your site. As an advertiser, you basically handing over management control of your advertising work and budget to the agency so that through their expertise you can earn a favorable return on Investment (ROI).

Search engine optimization (onsite and offsite)

With search engine optimization (SEO), the agency uses methods that will present your website as an authority source for the information users are looking for. The overall aim is to make your website appear at the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs) for particular keywords. To increase the website’s authority, the agency will employ a team of marketing strategists, content creators, and link builders to propagate links that point to your website so the search engine robots can find them and use them to rank your website. The taxonomy for the various techniques used by the agency includes Market Research, Link Building, Keyword Marketing Analysis and Search Engine Visibility; they all contribute significantly to the overall aim of being the top site.

Email marketing

Email marketing involves the development of relationship with your website visitors so they will eventually become long-term clients. Email marketing starts with building a email form for your website visitors to opt-in into your mailing list. Most marketing agencies will help you set this up and manage the process. Through use of the email list that is build, the marketing agency will begin reaching out to your list with offers that will lead them to take action, answer market research questions, remind them of special offers and discounts. Email marketing works for all businesses at any stage – small and large, new and old.

A marketing agency can help a business grow fast. Today’s technological innovation continues to present new ways of doing business and marketing it. Marketing agencies continue to emerge to fill the increasing need as every company, institute and business looks to the internet for growing their brand and connecting with customers.

Benefits of using marketing agencies

–  Marketing agencies provide experience and the ability to quickly harness the newest marketing trends that a business owner may lack. The services can begin from product formation, to launch, distribution and advertising.

– Marketing agencies will help you establish a system that will allow you to collect consumer information and metrics for future product placement and improvement.

– The website is upgraded with the latest technology tools that will provide you with the most efficient design and resources to guarantee brand visibility and increased search engine ranking; being established with the right tools will help you in the long-term in lowering advertising costs and increasing efficiency.

Lee writes and blogs for a full service production agency in London.