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What is Instagram?

Instagram is basically a photography tool, allowing users to distort or add effects to pictures before uploading them to their other social media feeds. Think of the photograph functions you have on a modern Nintendo DS console, multiply that several times and you have something close to Instagram. The main benefits to businesses using Instagram are likely to be public relations related, however by producing variations of content their search rankings will improve, too.

Competition Time

One of the tried and tested ways of engaging both new and existing customers through social media is to have a competition. Whether you are a payday money lender, a fashion brand or a multinational corporation, running a “funniest photograph” competition or asking for thoughtful captions are both excellent ways to grow your business through a bit of fun.

Brand Development

Using Instagram for promoting your products will be a must, and again could be used as a competition theme or as a standalone social media strategy. If your business has a product with multiple uses, create fun pictures by showing your product in different locations all around the world.

Building Anticipation

Whether it is promoting an upcoming event that is being supported by your business or getting those who attended to upload their own photo’s after the event, you can create a great sense of anticipation and excitement around your organization.

This strategy is often effective during the build-up to a new product launch, as you could tease your audience or even preview certain things in an abstract manner.

The Real Opportunity

Despite the popularity and widespread use of Twitter, many businesses fail to really involve their customers with what they actually do. Ensure you do not miss the opportunity to do this with Instagram, and invite as many people as possible to share photos of themselves in your store, wearing your product, or something else related to what you do. Reposting these pictures yourself, on Instagram and other social media sites, will help you stand out in terms of customer engagement.

The Inside Track

Finally, if you are a prominent organization, or work in an interesting industry that people want to know more about, use the site to post photos of “behind the scenes” goings on in your business. This can be especially effective in large businesses, where upper management are frequently perceived as “faceless” and are looking to build a more human image.

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