Do you ever plan to make money from your website? If you do and you aren’t using an autoresponder then you will never make money. It’s nearly impossible to make money using only affiliate links on your website. You might get thousands of clicks, but they aren’t going to turn into sales. You could possible be leaving thousands of dollars on the table. It could be the difference between running your own business or working as an employee for the rest of your life. They are that important.


When you use an autoresponder it means you will be able to build up relationships with your email list. If you give your subscribers an absolute ton of information they will learn to trust you. When you eventually come to offer them something they will be much more likely to buy. The percentage will be absolutely huge compared to the people who would buy from a link in the middle of an article. But to build your email list as big as possible you need to have opt-in forms in the right places.

The ‘about page’ is very popular

If you have Google analytics for your site you can check the number of people who visit your about page. It’s going to be one of the most popular places on your entire website. People visit the page to get a feel of who you are. If you’re the sort of person they can trust. Once they read all about you they will be in a trusting mood. This is the perfect time to ask them to join your list.

You should use more than one opt-in form. The best thing to do is spread them out through the whole page. That’s going to be impossible if there is hardy any writing, but if you have a decent amount of content you could get away with using two or three. In the about page you should have one section telling them what the site is about and another with who you are. Use an opt-in form in the middle of those two sections, then again at the end.

The ‘feature box’ is powerful

Do you have any idea what a feature box is? They are pretty new, but you have probably have seen them about if you read lots of blogs. It’s an opt-in form on the home page right below the logo. Every single person who visits your site will see the feature box. It makes it a perfect place to use one because it will be in their face all the time.

When you set one up you need more than a simple form to capture their email. People won’t just give you it for nothing. They are very cautious about who they give their information to, especially with all the spam floating around. Have some information next to the opt-in form telling them what you will give them when they sign up. Either a free eBook or some great weekly tips and tricks. As long as they are getting something in return they will give you their email.

The top of the right-hand sidebar

This one is a classic so there’s not much to say, but I want you to remember a few important things. People read from left to right, except if you are Chinese, but I don’t think the majority of your readers will be. So always have the sidebar at the right hand side. And I also see people making another big mistake by having the opt-in box half way down the page. People might not get that far. Have it right at the top of the sidebar and you will see people signing up.

Below all that fantastic content

Another great place to put the opt-in form is at the bottom of your posts. You know as well as I do that your content is amazing. People are going to be eating it up. They won’t be able to get enough of it and they will read all the way to the bottom. Now what happens? They can’t see any of the other opt-in boxes anymore. They’ve just read all that amazing content and you aren’t asking them to do anything. Big mistake. Put a form at the bottom of every post.

Robin Gupta is an expert in the field of online marketing and SEO services. He advocates the use of  link building  services to boost web traffic.