Showing your customer base that you’re maintaining an active presence in your market is an important aspect of modern business. Many companies rely on newsletters or the press sections of their websites to market themselves and talk about new developments, and your organization should be no different.

Clients and advertisers are more likely to go into business with a company which is actively looking to improve or widen its products or services. But what’s the best way to keep your target market up to date with what you’re doing? Through a blog? Or through a newsletter? Let’s take a look:



For those looking to put together material on the fly, blogging provides a quick and easy platform for businesses to assemble content without much planning. Using a ready-made template provided by sites such as Blogger or WordPress lets you focus on producing content without having to worry too much about layout and design. Simply set up a theme which best suits your brand, and then you’re free to upload news as often as you like – the blogging tool will organize your material into archives for you.

Another great advantage of blogging is that you can easily post links to pictures and videos which can be accessed with just a click. This isn’t always possible with an emailed newsletter, as junk filters can often block this kind of content from the reader and diminish your output’s visual appeal.


While a blog allows anyone visiting your website to view your content and is a great way for potential customers to access you, newsletters, whether printed or electronic, are advantageous because they provide you with an opportunity to pursue the attention of your target market. By assembling an effective mailing list you can reach those who are specifically interested in your business. You can then take steps to capitalise on this, by offering special offers or vouchers for users to print, or offering prizes to those taking part in questionnaires. While blogging advertises your services to everybody, sending out newsletters helps you to engage your core customer base and will help to keep them interested.

In conclusion…

There are clearly advantages to both – while blogging may reach a wider audience, you can use a newsletter strategy to cater to your specific target market. So, those looking to both expand market awareness (through blogging) and maintain interest (via a newsletter) in their brand, might even look into utilising both.

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