New content is created online every day. Therefore, the next step of success is to bring the content into the limelight, where your target audience can see it. The following steps are recommended to ensure successful promotion of your content.

Optimize Your Content

Even if you create the most compelling content, Google will not be able to rank it appropriately in its search results if you fail to optimize it for relevant keywords. Ignoring SEO will render your content invisible to your target audience. Strive to incorporate relevant keywords that potential customers are likely to use when seeking information about your products or services in search engines.

To find appropriate keywords for your content, perform keyword research using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Search for terms related to your industry as well as the main theme of your content to discover potential keywords. Choose popular keywords that are closely related to the topic of your content and add them to the headline, article body, and title tags and Meta descriptions.

Share Your Content on Social Media Sites

Notify your followers on social networking outlets about the newly created content on your website or blog, and encourage them to share it with their friends and colleagues to widen its reach. To maximize response rates on social media sites, write compelling snippets about the content with strong calls to action and links that point back to your website.

Send out a Newsletter

If you have a list of email subscribers, update them regarding new content on your website. When you send out a newsletter, use a magnetic title and compelling description to communicate the benefit that your subscribers will get from consuming your new content. Include a few links that point back to the web page where the new content is published. This will encourage them to click through to your website.

Comment on Relevant Blogs

There is a high likelihood that other bloggers in your industry have created content about similar topics but did not cover some points that you think their followers would find helpful. Visit these blogs and take the time to read their content. Leave thoughtful comments and if appropriate, include a link to your content that covers the points these bloggers missed. This can help you drive traffic to your website, attract new subscribers, build relationships with bloggers, and generate backlinks. Your comments and links should be highly relevant to the topics being discussed on the targeted blogs so that they don’t perceive you as a spammer.

Ask Other Bloggers to Share Your Content

Send out emails to fellow bloggers and tell them why their readers would benefit from reading your content. Highlighting how your content would serve their readers may motivate them to share it because all successful bloggers want to provide more value to their audience. Make your emails personal and unique to each individual blogger to maximize response. As an added benefit, this will help you build mutually beneficial relationships with bloggers. In order to find more contacts among bloggers, use Edusson Help Guides platform.

Contact Your Customers

Ideally, you have a list of prospective clients and regular customers who you contact anytime you create new content. They will appreciate it if you inform them about new content you’ve published that can help them improve their lives or businesses. Make your emails personal and let them know how they would benefit from consuming your content in order to increase response rates. Avoid sending out generic emails.

This article was prepared by Edusson Community.