Today video promotion also known as video marketing is an essential part of promoting business; the key is to get the video seen by as many people as possible. To do this you can start with promoting the video to people you know, getting them indexed with the search engines, and most important getting other people to share them with others

Here are some tips to help you towards getting your video promotion to go viral on the web.

Produce something that people want to share and make it easy to share

To go viral or even just to get the optimum amount of people to see your video the key is to get people to share it.

  • To start with it must be easy to share. When you upload your video to services like YouTube etc., make sure sharing options are enabled. Also try and get your   video uploaded to places that mean it can be shared through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. If it takes more than one or two clicks to get your video to go viral, chances are it never will, no matter how good it is.
  • Secondly people must want to share it. The key to this is to make it short and funny. Remember the average length of internet video watched is less than three minutes. Attention spans are short so keep your video short or it will not be watched. Even after you have got someone to watch it however you need them to want to share it. To do this they have to like it and think others will like it. People love being made to laugh and they like to share this experience with others, so make it funny and they will share.

Promote your video to as many people as possible

There is little point in making a fantastic video if nobody ever gets to watch it. Don’t hide your light under a bushel, instead use every available avenue to get the word out there that your video is live and how great it is. Here are some ideas:

  • Use your existing email list of clients and leads. Get these existing contacts to see the video by making sure everyone on your mailing list gets sent a link to it. You can also get all your employees to send a link or thumbnail of the video with any emails they send out.
  • Get the video on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter and tag any people or companies that are mentioned in the video.

Make your video rank highly on search engines

Create a web page for each video promotion with a text transcript of the video. Another page can showcase all your videos. You can then create titles, descriptions and tags for each video that make use of keyword optimization.

If you take notice of the above tips then you will have done your best to promote your video. Remember though if you really want it seen by the most people possible the key is to make it funny and not too long. If you do this and promote it in the ways suggested then you really do have a chance of your video going viral.

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