Many people are successfully running web-based businesses, such as affiliate websites, and making a very good living. It might seem that this is easy money, but experienced operators know that it requires a lot of expertise and some real drudgery. The drudgery factor is very largely due to the fact that to achive a reasonable income it is necessary to place a large number of links on various websites, usually social media websites, in order to drive traffic to the site. This is an extremely repetitive, mundane task, and many website administrators have wished for a way to do link building on auto-pilot. This, in fact, is the Holy Grail for most web administrators.

First Things First

Of course, this need has long been recognized and many software developers have made attempts to fill this niche. A product which has proved to be possibly the best of these is IMAutomator. This extremely handy software has been written with convenience and ease of use in mind, making it easy for non-technocrats running their own websites to use. Backlinking becomes a snap with software like IMAutomator, and it provides essential assistance in generating enough traffic to make a website profitable – after all, traffic is what it’s all about initially. Without that traffic even the fanciest, best-designed website is doomed.

So What’s in it for me?

The specifics of what IMAutomator offers are the following:It offers extreme ease of use: just enter an URL and the software does the rest.It can be scheduled to run at convenient times so that it runs in a hands-off mode and doesn’t interfere with other work.Accounts are created automatically where necessary.Even capchas aren’t a problem!The sites listed are continuously updated for a consistently high success rate.Submitters are available for Social Bookmarking, RSS Feeds, Article Sites, Search engines and Web Directories.
This is true link building on auto-pilot, as so often promised but very seldom achieved!


The pricing model is one of the better aspects of IMAutomator. It is possible to start off for under $3 a month and expand as and when necessary to accommodate the changing demands of a successful web strategy. This outlay is easily covered by the increase in sales from the increased traffic each month and is designed to appeal to cash-strapped website owners. Of course, it means there is an incentive to improve the product and keep it at the front of the pack, as it would be very easy to switch as there is no large initial amount to be recouped.

Suitable for Newbies as Well as experts.

This product is suitable for newbies as well as experienced internet marketers. Those with more experience will know how difficult it can be to generate enough traffic to make a website viable. IMAutomator is both inexpensive and highly effective at doing the essential but boring work, leaving the owner and administrator free to concentrate on improving the marketing effectiveness of the sit. Conversion of traffic into sales is an issue which can be very time consuming and anything which does link building on auto-pilot, leaving more thinking time for this essential activity must be extremely welcome.