Any blog, no matter how well written, will always benefit more by having pictures. Long pieces of writing can be off-putting and often people won’t read it all. Breaking up the writing with some nice images will make your blog a lot better to look at.


How To Take Stunning Photos For Your Blog

Why it’s better to use your own photos for blogging

If you’ve written some great content for your blog but still feel it’s missing something, then a few well taken photos are exactly what you need. By taking the pictures it adds a more personal touch and is a great addition to your writing.

If you have an eye-catching photo that links in with what you have written then it makes the whole piece a lot more engaging and real. Many blogs that just use stock photos tend to look a bit bland and lack in creativity. Stock photos can also be very pricey, so by taking photos yourself you are saving some money and making your blog more appealing.

Improving your photography skills

Like anything else photography takes some practice before you get the hang of it. You won’t be able to pick up a camera and straight away be able to take some professional level pictures. The great thing about photography is that learning is a fun process that will continue to be fulfilling. Here are a few basic tips that will improve your photography.

  1. Try to use your camera everyday: It’s good to get into a routine of using your camera a lot and get to know all of its functions. The more you use your camera you will get more confident and soon start taking better quality photos.
  2. Read your camera manual: Yes the manual, the little book that is probably still sat in the box. If you have no idea what half the buttons on your camera do then it’s probably because you haven’t read the manual yet. Keep it handy so at any point if you need to know what a button does or how to change your settings then you won’t have any trouble finding out.
  3. Set yourself some goals: Instead of just taking a few photos occasionally it’s better to set yourself some goals. A great way to do this is start a photography project. By having a project with goals and a purpose it will keep you motivated and improve your skills a lot. A classic project many people do is the ‘365 challenge’ where people take a picture everyday for a year.
  4. Use a tripod: Many people will just opt for the point and shoot style of photography. This is great if you’re on the move taking lots of photos, but if you have some time and want to capture a great image then a tripod is what you need.
  5. Follow photography blogs: Blogs are where people share some great images and knowledge, so this is the perfect way to get some handy tips and get inspiration for your own photos.
  6. Educate yourself: There are many ways to keep learning more about photography. Whether you buy some books to read or find a course online to study, it’s a great way to learn some skills and knowledge that you couldn’t just learn on your own.

All of the tips above are great ways to improve your photography skills and make your blog stand out. A bit of time and practice will soon give you the capability to take photos that are good enough to add so much character to your blog. A great photo will grab someone’s attention and some good content will keep them reading.

Andrew Shepard, the founder of Crystal Clear Visual, enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge of photography and videography.