Do book trailers work for new authors? These days people who are reasonably computer savvy can make a short video, using “Flash”. The cover of the book flashes several times, the viewer gets a glance of the author’s biography and a basic insight into what the book is about. The video might use dramatic music to add to the ambience and of course the viewer will see where the book is available for purchase. All nice and good so far…but will an aspiring author get many views…let alone readers buying the book on account of this book trailer. I suppose authors and publishers have to try any possible going technique, in an attempt to sell their products. Someone must have hit upon the idea of exploiting youtube and the idea carried on from there. Once the video is up and running, you can of course post it on facebook, pin it on pinterest, tweet it, put it on Google+.



Then there are also various groups on facebook you can join, one is specifically for book trailers. There are also a large number of “sub for sub” youtube groups on facebook. The problem is many of the videos posted on these groups pages are by adolescent gamers, people who like to talk about makeup and beauty care or people who make wacky videos, in the hope they will get noticed, hardly the types you want to link up for your book trailer. Sometimes as an author promoting your book you feel like you have to do all manner of things you wouldn’t normally do, to get views, which you hope will make your book seem important. My publisher from the onset said it is hard to compete with music videos on youtube and 250 views was a projected number to aim for.

I also make music videos and have had a channel for years. Some of my videos have had a reasonable amount of views. With youtube a video with lets say not highly intellectual content (some child says ****** ) can go viral. You look at somebody who has put a lot of effort into their work and have been creative and they have a paltry amount of views. You could of course invest some money in promoting your book trailer, but would this work? Youtube must be a good marketing tool for a well-known author.  However I just checked a JK Rowling book trailer and it only seemed to have over 2000 views…