Alternative medicine is a term that’s being used more and more. Have you ever wondered what it might all mean? Basically, alternative medicine is a general term, which refers to health care practices that are used instead of modern western medicine. For example, some patients actually refuse being treated with any kind of pharmaceutical drug and would instead opt for homeopathic medicine such as Chinese herbs and so on.

Alternative Examples

On some level we all are using some forms of alternative medicine whether we know it or not. A few everyday alternative medicine examples would include: honey as a cure for bad or sore throat, chamomile tea for de-stressing and taking out tension, aromatherapy candles or oils for relaxing and meditation. Other more common ones would be using ice packs on a sprained ankle and massaging the back of the neck when you have a headache.

Other examples of alternative medicine include use of hot stones like the ones used in spas, Chinese medical herbs, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, massage therapy and ayurveda to the list. Of course, these are just some of the more popular forms of alternative medicine. There’s plenty more but that’s up to you to discover.

Alternative Treatments

Western medical doctors are to recognize the benefits of using alternative medicine in treating their patients. It could’ve been something that was passed on or something one has read about but never really thought much about. The thing is when you think of alternative medicine, you tend to imagine all sorts of unconventional procedures and various herbs must be used. Herbs are indeed used, but not all the time.


In fact, in an estimate made by the World Health Organization it shows that about 65 to 80 percent of the world’s population actually relies on alternative medicine as their primary form of health care. It also showed that many people who rely on Western medicine tend to use alternative medicine as something complementary to their current treatments. If based on the statistics, there’s no doubt that alternative medicine does indeed work.


Unfortunately there are still those people that don’t believe in the benefits of alternative medicine in spite of the fact that it has been used for centuries. This is despite the fact that they too, have used various alternative techniques to remedy their ailments. The reason for this could be blamed on the fact that not many people are educated on the various benefits of using alternative medicine. They are more used to the idea of Western medicine simply because they are more knowledgeable about it.


Educating yourself on the benefits of alternative medicine could be some very valuable time spent. Not only would this benefit you, you can also pass the knowledge on to other people and get them to try it as well. There are some things that can be easily cured by alternative medicine right at home. It would save you money and help you learn new things as well.

So, is alternative medicine worth trying? The answer is yes. Not every ailment requires a prescription. Keep in mind there are many medications that can cause some negative side effects. Trying an alternative solution such as natural herbs, teas and other homeopathic medicines may be better options. So if you are thinking about going the natural route, give alternative medicine a try.