Alfalfa is considered the Nectar of Life it is a perennial herb, it has trifoliate dentate leaves with an underground stem that is often woody. It is also known as the father of all plants because it can grow more than 40 feet below the earth. The health benefits of Alfalfa were first discovered by Arabians when they feed it to their horses. After consuming this plant, the horses were discovered to be in better health than ever before, swift and strong and named the legume “Al-fal-fa” meaning “father of all foods.”

The Arabs decided to give Alfalfa a try and began consuming the plant themselves. Alfalfa was also among the first European plants to be planted in America and quickly spread throughout the country. It is still widely grown in the western United States and is used for food and dietary supplement.

Digestive Cleaner:

According to a research published in 2012 in the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, one of the many health benefits of Alfalfa is that it can clean many systems of the body, especially the digestive system, kidneys, blood, urinary system, and bowels. General bowels movement is from four times a day to four times a week. Most of the people in the United States don’t get enough bowel movement, so believing that most of the people spend a very small amount on a colon cleanse, this plant can give some great value.

Control Cholesterol:

Alfalfa can also aid in controlling the cholesterol level. There was a research report appeared in Atherosclerosis in 1990 which involved 20 people with high cholesterol level. Each individual was given 30 grams of Alfalfa seeds two times a day for one month. The outcome was that the cholesterol level decreased by 25% and LDL cholesterol decreased by 47%.

Rich Source of Energy:

Another one of the great health benefits of Alfalfa is that it is a rich source of energy. Because of the presence of Vitamin D, E, K, Calcium, and Fiber, it can really boost up the energy level of an individual. As a matter of fact, many health professionals believe that it can provide more energy and endurance than any known plant.

Source of Phytoestrogen:

Alfalfa is also the rich source of Phytoestrogen which is a plant compound and acts like a hormone estrogen. The effect is not great enough to cause serious problems for men, but it is extremely beneficial for women during pregnancy and after menopause.

In conclusion, the FDA issued an advisory indicating that children, the elderly, and people with compromised immune systems should avoid eating alfalfa sprouts. In general, ingestion of dried alfalfa preparations does not cause serious side effects in healthy adults.