Dieting – Top Tips For Losing Weight When Diagnosed with CoeliacLosing weight is for many of us a battle that we all wish to win. For anyone diagnosed with coeliac disease, embarking on a gluten free diet can lead to significant weight gain. However research shows that losing weight is mainly based on eating sensibly, exercising properly and not lurching from one fad diet to another. So how can this be achieved?

If you are buying processed foods, then you should always check the labels for thickeners and stabilizers as these more often than not contain gluten as they are wheat based. However try to avoid these types of food and eat as naturally as possible, there is nothing better for you than a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Keep a food diary for a couple of weeks it will help you to see exactly what you are consuming, look for empty calories, hidden fats and sugars. Be honest with yourself though as this is a great tool for deciphering where those hidden calories are coming from.

Alcohol, there is no doubt about it that booze piles on the pounds, a glass of wine contains as many calories as a cake, its liquid sugar. Wine contains 80 calories in just one small glass. If you like a drink then consider white spirits instead.

Eat regular meals, particularly breakfast, it kick starts the metabolism and gives you the energy you need to get up and going and will help prevent snacking before lunch.

Portion control is essential too, think about using a smaller plate so it feels like you have more to eat and stop eating when you feel full.

5 a day is a must, fruit and vegetables are natural and gluten free, they will provide you with all the goodness you need to maintain a healthy balanced diet. Loading your dinner plate with extra greens will do no harm, they are filling and packed full of vitamins.

Be sensible with carbohydrates, although there are gluten free alternatives to pasta, bread and rice, eat them in moderation. I discovered a wonderful substitute to spaghetti the other week, I purchased a spiralizer, basically a wonderful tool that makes courgettes into a pasta alternative. All you need to do is lightly pan fry for a couple of minutes until they are softened or alternatively immerse them in boiling water for about a minute and serve as you would spaghetti. They are pretty much calorie free and delicious.

Trim off any fat from the meat you cook.

There is approximately 7 teaspoons of sugar in fizzy carbohydrate drinks, these contain a high number of hidden calories, and it’s only a drink! Alternatively drink plenty of water, not only is it amazing for your skin but it flushes all the waste out of your system. Water can also help you feel full, quite often we eat food because we think we are hungry when in fact we are dehydrated and just need to drink some water. A couple of liters a day really will make a significant difference to your weight and help control your desire to eat.

A balanced and moderate diet is essential when you are on a diet, make sure you get enough vitamins, minerals and natural fats to remain healthy.

By Harry Price: a freelance writer and artist who lives on the south coast.  In his free time, he loves to be outside – anything from watersports or rock climbing.  You name it, he will be doing it!