When it comes to book publishing, there are many things to think about. The content, which is most important, is on the forefront of most writers minds. Next, the layout, front cover design and back cover synopsis will take precedent. For many writers, especially those new to the scene, finding a book publisher can be a daunting task. This is why self-publishing is the chosen route for many budding authors who are serious about getting their books into print.



Even with all of the determination in the world, the perfect layout and subject matter, one problem remains. How will potential readers learn about the book and ultimately choose to purchase it? In order to gain the appropriate amount of coverage and be taken seriously as an author, you will need to have your book sold in major online and local bookstores. In order for this to occur, the author has to apply for an ISBN number and also a barcode, which is used to ring up the sale and determine the cost of any given book.


Surprisingly to many, these numbers are not free and the paperwork is often more of a hassle than writing the actual book. In an effort to save writers from having to do all of the footwork and to help them concentrate on the actual business of writing, a number of POD (print on demand) publishers are offering the total package when it comes to getting your book into print.


One such publisher is iUniverse, who has been in business for a number of years and offers some of the most competitive publishing packages when compared to similar competitors. In exchange for a fee, iUniverse will design your book’s cover (both front and back), handle the process of obtaining barcodes and an ISBN number, print the books and fill orders. In addition, depending on the package that you choose, iUniverse will also submit your book to the major online bookstores. In a matter of months, your title will be available for purchase at any local or online bookstore because it will be properly cataloged with an ISBN number and the cost readable via the book’s barcode.


As a writer, your main concern is the content of your book. Although it is considered self-publishing because you are paying to have the book published, you will not have to deal with barcodes, ISBN numbers and the submission of your new title to online bookstores. Each of these takes time away from your career, which is why having a publisher can save you bundles of time. In addition, having your first few titles self-published will show future traditional publishing houses that you have what it takes to get the word out and generate success for yourself.