Having healthy hair is often considered a sign of beauty, vitality, youthfulness, and good health. Unfortunately keeping your hair healthy can be an arduous task. In this article, we want to look at the top five hair growth tips that increase your chances of healthy hair growth.

We must, however, also point out that healthy hair growth also depends on other factors including the foods you eat, overall health, living habits, weather, and age. The average person’s hair grows at around a quarter of an inch every month. Though there is not a scientific formula to speed the hair growth process, however, these hair growth tips will improve your process.

Eat Healthily

Human hair is made of keratin, which is a protein of amino acids. For you to grow new hair, you must produce amino acids. It simply means that you need to eat food rich in high protein diet. These are foods like eggs, milk, meat, beans, and fish. Remember that the only way your real beauty will reflect is when you eat healthy foods.

Handle Your Hair With Care

Treating your hair with care means that you avoid heat treatments, chemical treatments, and frequent washing of your hair. Washing your hair daily decreases the natural essential oil that stimulates hair growth. Washing two or three times a week with warm water would be the right way to keep it clean. The hot water keeps it dry and brittle. Once you have washed it, give your hair a good gentle brush. Using products such as deep conditioning treatments, hair growth supplements, natural oils and heat protecting sprays would also stimulate the growth because the essence is to retain the hair moisture and eventually growth. When you constantly braid it, you pulling the hair from the roots, and it thins and breaks. Always remember to tie your hair and wrap it before going to sleep.

Massaging Your Hair

Massaging the hair accelerates the growth of hair because it increases the circulation of blood taking essential nutrients to the hair follicles. Always try rubbing your head with your fingertips to encourage the growth of your hair.

Trimming Your Hair

There are lots of debates how trimming of the hair stimulates the natural growth of hair. But it is important to note that damaged hair recedes. When they recede, they do not develop. Trimming these damaged hairs stimulates faster hair growth because less repair work is needed.