Counseling is one of the most common types of treatment that people obtain for psychological and emotional problems. Counseling is a huge part of the treatment process for conditions such as drug and alcohol addiction, codependency, childhood abuse, parenting skill deficiency and a multitude of additional conditions.

Counseling Services

The original form of counseling involved one person visiting a therapist’s office and speaking to him or her for a session of approximately one hour. Nowadays, patients have a choice of several type of counseling. Specialists are making it easier for their patients to get the help they need on the go. The following are some of the newest and most convenient types of counseling that people can obtain today:

Phone Counseling

Telephone counseling is an amazing new way that a patient can receive help. The specialist can set a time to call the patient, and the two people can speak for one hour. The parties can conduct phone counseling on a mobile phone or a home phone. Phone counseling is highly convenient for patients who cannot afford to travel back and forth for office visits. A phone counseling session can provide the patient with a sense of security, as well. It eliminates situations such as shyness from the equation. Telephone counseling is becoming a top way for patients and specialists to keep in touch.

Chat Room Group Counseling

Chat room group counseling is another type of counseling that a person may find convenient. Group counseling is popular in recovery organizations for codependency and addiction. Most recovery support groups have meetings in every state. However, some people do not have transportation to get to a local counseling group. The next best thing is a chat room meeting for people who share common struggles. The chat room consists of a Java applet that the group members can easily access. Meetings are set for specific times and dates, and they usually last for an hour, which is the time frame for a normal counseling session.

Video Chat Counseling

A specialist can offer his or her patient counseling over a mobile phone, computer or laptop using video chat technology. Video chatting is similar to speaking with one’s counselor in person. In fact, video chat sessions are the closest thing to upfront live conversations. A patient and counselor can use a chatting service such as Skype or Tango to conduct the session.

Email and IM Counseling

Email counseling is an extremely rare form of counseling, but some people do participate in it. It consists of sending lengthy messages back and forth through email. Another way that a specialist may communicate with a patient is through instant messaging and SMS messaging. Such counseling can occur on mobile phone devices as well as computers and laptops. They would work just like other counseling sessions. The specialist will set a time of probably one hour.

Counseling and Technology

Technology is constantly on the rise, and counseling providers are always trying to find ways to convenience their patients. The previously mentioned counseling methods are not the only counseling methods that are available, but they are the most recent methods. An interested person never has to be discouraged about finding a way to communicate with a professional who can assist. Getting help is as simple as calling a local provider and asking about his or her counseling methods.

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