The need to reach various customers through faster and easier mediums has created the concept of digital marketing. In its basic sense, digital marketing entails using the internet to display advertising or any other digital media- to sell and make products known to consumers. The increased use of technology based devices among consumers has made marketing products through digital means a primary concern for businesses and organizations.

Strategies of Digital Marketing

Do You Have a Digital Marketing Strategy? Search Engine Optimization – This refers to measures put in place to increase a website’s or webpage’s visibility on a search engine. This tool emanates from search engine marketing; which also works to promote a website’s visibility on a webpage. For instance Google, Bing or Yahoo are popular effective search engines which receive billions of users daily. It is therefore important for a webpage to quickly reach users as quickly and effectively as possible.

As Ortiz-Cordova, A and Jansen, B. J put it, “the more frequently a webpage appears in a search results lists, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users.” Effectively transforming them into customers. Many businesses have adopted this method of digital marketing, as it has proven to be “natural” in attracting customers in the digital age. Forbes Magazine, in a report by Steve Olenski on Search Engine Optimization, maintained the strategy is one to last for a very long time. In observing the development of search engines, Olenski highlighted the strategy was not likely lose its effectiveness in the foreseeable future.An added bonus to the strategy was its cost effective way of reaching the large users of internet search engines.

Online Community Management

Developing in 1995, this strategy was primarily adopted to meet the demands of managing Mass Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games. It basically refers to the application of skills and strategies in customer support, marketing, public relations and social media management to create and support of viable communications between a producer and the consuming community. In its inception, it was popular among the online gaming community.

The advent of the internet has mandated various businesses to adopt these skills and strategies as an effective digital marketing tact, to reach their customers. Vanessa DiMauro has highlighted some benefits associated with online community management. They include: driving leads, raising awareness of products and services, (company, product or service visibility), customer service, feedback and satisfaction and finally improving the utilization of products.

E-Commerce for Growth

The globe has matured to an age of speed. This growth, facilitated through technology, requires business transactions are executed with speed and efficiency. Developed in the 1960s companies have come to adopt e-commerce as an effective digital marketing tool. The process entails a number of activities such as the buying and selling of goods and services, correspondence between business to business or business to consumers, all over an electronic network.

A report from Ecommerce Europe, revealed that, firms and organizations who have adopted e-commerce in their business activities were more desirable to consumers than those that did not. As a digital marketing tool, e-commerce has few objections to its efficacy.