Launching out as a Blogger will prove to be a good test about what it means to be versatile. You may have no doubt that you are a writer and you want to be able to write a variety of posts, some long and others short. When the words don’t flow you immediately feel that a bad case of writer’s block has taken control. However, there is absolutely no need to panic. Grab a camera and start snapping pictures that you think may draw attention. It could be pictures of nature, buildings, your family, pets, an unusual occurrence and so much more.

Bloggers need not shy away from posts that call for little or no words. You will be in for a surprise at the amount of traffic you can get from such posts. Give it a try and check your traffic statistics. They will also come in handy when you are short on time. It is at times like these that the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” takes on special meaning for you.

‘Wordless Wednesday’ numbers among such posts. Be ready to link up with the numerous Wordless Wednesday Blog Hops that are hosted by other bloggers. You can even choose to have one of your own. In some instances, these hops are posted a number of hours before Wednesday arrives.

‘Silent Sunday’ is another Blog post that you can participate in. Weekends can be quite hectic. Many persons need to catch up on time with the family and get a lot of chores done so then again you can choose to post an interesting picture.

You do not even have to link up in a Wordless Blog Hop that others are posting although that is when you may get the best traffic. You can decide that at least once a week you will have a post titled ‘PIC OF THE WEEK’ or something similar.

Photo challenges are also a way for bloggers to keep regular posts going without many words. You can start a series of photographs based on a specific theme. Let us say you are a collector of bird figurines, you can do a bird series featuring items from your collection.

So when those days come around that you do not have a lot of words, make the pictures do the talking. Be creative and keep the traffic flowing with some amazing shots. While it is the era of pictures with colors, a black and white shot can create a sensation.