One of the biggest issues in the world of writing is plagiarism. Plagiarism means using someone else’s content without their permission or without giving reference to the original author. In the online world plagiarism is a serious issue. But sometimes writers fall into the trap without be aware that of what they are doing wrong. This can happen when you’re trying to rewrite a point you find somewhere and you end up putting down exactly what is in the original content. If you want to be respected as a writer you must completely avoid plagiarism.

Stick To What You Know

One of the easiest ways to avoid plagiarism is to write only about topics that you know very well. If you have a degree in education for example, it should be very easy to write essays, articles and topics about education without relying too much on research material. You’ll already have ideas and opinions on many topics and you won’t need to bother yourself about external material that usually leads to plagiarism. You can become an expert by writing for a niche market and share your knowledge on a particular subject or industry. The less you need to rely on other material to write your article or essay, the farther you are from the temptation or mistake of plagiarism.

Research The Right Way

Another way you can easily avoid plagiarism in your writing is making use of multiple avenues for your research. If you are going to rely on research material then you need to do it the right way. Don’t just pick one book and use it as a reference, that’s the easiest way to fall into plagiarism trap. When you make use of multiple research avenues you’ll have access to different ideas that you can merge for the purpose of coming up with your own unique interpretation. Read as many sources as possible before you put your ideas together.

Never Copy & Paste

If you’re doing your research using online articles and papers, make sure not to copy and paste, no matter how tempting it is. Don’t think you can never get caught because you’re collecting a small amount text from one of the billions of websites available on the internet. Clients have software and techniques they use that are effective in sniffing out your plagiarised content if you copied from anywhere. Use several articles and pick points only, not a whole article or sentence. Change the perspective of the sentence structure and present your own sentences in a way that it is completely different from the original idea.

Do Things Your Own Way

If you have access to free online libraries, authoritative journals and high profile cutting edge websites and news sites, it’s best to get your information from them. This is where everybody comes to access information about breaking news and information. You should get your information right there instead of rewriting other people’s work. If you have the time why not do some offline research through interviews and add some real value to your writing. Be unique in your writing and stick to your own style and way of reasoning. Make use of simple vocabulary that can help set apart the tone and presentation of your writing.

If you must make use of someone else’s material – either online or offline- make sure you give reference to the source. Make use of life experiences where possible and incorporate good ideas that have been thoroughly processed by you. Pick topics you know best and don’t think that you can never be caught. You can never tell who is reading.

Ivor Winston is a professional writer. He writes educational essays for My Uni Essays, a website that helps students with their writing skills.