If you are someone who loves to watch movies, chances are that you have seen your fair share of both the good and the bad. You may have even watched someone else’s fair share as well. You may find some reviews of movies online that you feel are simply not accurate and that you wasted your time watching something based on what someone else said was good. If this sounds like your situation many times, you may have decided you want to share your opinions about movies with the world. One of the best ways for you to be able to do this is to start up a blog based on movie reviews. You can also include plot summaries and information about new release movies or movies that are still in the production stage. If this sounds like something that you would want to do, here are a few ideas about how to get started.


Getting Started With Your Blog

Obviously if you do not have a blog already, the first thing you will want to do is get one all set up on the website of your choice. Fill out your profile and let people know what you plan to blog about. This will help you gain readers. Once you are done filling out your profile, you will want to make your first blog post. Tell people a little bit about you and your favorite genre of movies. You could talk about a few of your favorite movies as well and tell why you like them. If you are excited to see a new movie that is coming out, you could mention that as well. Most importantly, let people know that your blog is dedicated to all things movies.

What to Blog About

You are obviously going to want to blog about movies. Tell the world about a few personal favorites. If you really enjoyed Death Becomes Her with Merryl Streep, Bruce Willis and Goldie Hawn back in the day, let people know why so they can watch it as well. If you just watched a movie that you were not too impressed with and that you felt was nothing more than a waste of your time, let people know why you didn’t like that movie. You can expect that if you post a review criticizing a movie that someone else liked, you may have a bit of a debate but you should always respect the opinions of your readers and you should always welcome the honest feedback.

Having a movie blog will be tons of fun for you. You will get to give some honest reviews about all of the movies you liked and even the ones you didn’t like so much. You will get to discuss movies with your readers and you will be able to learn about some movies you may not have heard about. What are you waiting for? Start a movie blog today!

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