Are you trying to figure out what your publishing options are? Or the possible consequences and responsibilities of being a self published author? You are not alone. There are many who do not know what it takes to responsibly manage a successful publishing business. Why do I say responsibly manage a successful publishing business? Just so you know, once you start self publishing your books, you are essentially running a publishing company, your publishing company.

First things first, let us identify and understand the writing process is not the publishing process. Publishing is a different mindset from the activities of writing. Remember, publishing is the business of managing. Writing is the creative process.  The publishing process involves the work of responsibility. You cannot simply write your work and then rely on someone else to take over the business responsibilities for you.

Therefore, let us start on the right road and build our skills for success. Why? Because success is eminent for those who are willing to learn, choose to work, and diligently pursue their dream.

What is the process?

Study the industry and learn everything you can. Read books, articles, and research various online resources. Educate yourself. A profitable mindset to adopt is this — a surgeon was born knowing how to perform surgery. He or she went to school, commitment to educating his or her self, and through diligence and commitment to his or her dream are able to perform successful surgeries. Same goes for the publishing industry. Learn, learn, and learn more!

Be involved in your business. Commit yourself to its success every step of the way. Seek the services you need to feed and grow your business. Everything in the industry is not common knowledge; we do need others who have pioneered before us. We need to seek out experts who are willing to offer advice and then we have to be willing to receive, accept, and apply the information we have learned. Eliminate pride, needless to say, no matter how much we would like to think we know, there is always room to learn more and grow.

As the author and publisher understanding how the industry works and knowing what our options are is vital to the life line of our choices. Bad choices can initiate bad consequences, and those are not our goals. We are standing up and standing strong and are going forward as we take responsibility for working towards the success we desire.

Here are a few pointers I would like to offer:

Before publishing your book, take time to first write a book proposal. What is a book proposal? A book proposal is essentially a business plan for your book. During this process you will develop your goals, your focus, your plans, where you are, where you are going, and how you plan to get there.

Have your manuscript professionally edited and reviewed. Savvy editors knowledgeable in the industry of publishing can offer you volumes of valuable information.

There are many options for authors, therefore, do not be so quick to sign with the first publishing service that seem to be telling you everything you want to hear. Research and shop around. There are many services available and some are better than others and some are better for you than others. Remember, you do not have to pay an arm and a leg to have a good book published and produced.

Do not rely on company representatives to explain contract terms to you. Get assistance from a literary agent, service, or a legal service such as an attorney. Do not sign any contract until you believe you are sure you fully understand the terms of the agreement you are making with the company.

Promoting your book is essential; however, hiring a press release service to help you promote your book may or may not be financially sound in the beginning. There are many authors who are achieving successful results marking their own press releases to the various media venues. Especially when the author begins to educate themselves about the process of marketing press releases; and it does not have to cost a lot of money. Again, research, research, research and you shall find a service that is right for you!

Understand your role in marketing your own book. It is not wise to expect a representative or another individual to put their heart into working your project for you. It is your book, your project, and no one is going to know your project better than you and even if we would like to think so, no one is going to care about it more than you. To promote your book or project, you are the advocate on your own behalf. See yourself as an active marketer on the behalf of your book.

Taking charge of your success is simply up to you. Educate yourself and continuously research to gain valuable information that can benefit you and your business. Be sure to subscribe to publications that are relevant and important to the role you have taken on. Partner with appropriate organizations or memberships within the industry. Study the information other experts and even those who are still learning are willing to share. The willingness to become and remain involved has is the future of your business.