google-page-rankRanking is a website’s position or place on the internet’s search results. A predetermined occasion in which your website appears on web searches tells the popularity of your website.There factors that affect your website’s ranking and there are also the things you can do as an administrator of a website to make your ranking go higher than it should be.

It is not only about reader’s doing that makes a page rank high but also the website owner’s ability to incorporate techniques that will make the page more popular.

The following guidelines will help increase the quality of your webpage thus giving you the opportunity and capacity to compete when it comes to page ranking.

Tips on how to increase you webpage’s ranking on the Google page:

  • Design and concept: Of course, readers and those who browse the net take notice first of the website’s design and concept. If it appears to be dull, unconvincing and packed with advertisements, chances are they will leave the page and forget about even clicking on related links that can contribute to the increase of your ranking. Avoid excessive links on your page and as much as possible make the hierarchy clear and organized.
  • Get straight to the point: Your website is lucky enough to be visited by users, what do you intend to show them? Some websites pack their pages with links that are deemed uninformative. Make sure that when a user goes to your website, they will be able to get what they came there in the first place. Give information, not links.
  • Go SEO: Applying search engine optimization on your website will increase your website’s search ability and eventually increase its ranking. SEO applies to those linkable unique keywords that you include in your articles or posts. Once these keywords are clicked on, they will be lead to a landing page that will show them the topics they wanted to know.
  • Contribute to articles online: Be very active on contributing articles online at the same time, advertising your company’s website at the author’s space. Readers will be able to browse and click on your link that will bring them to a certain page on the internet. There is difference between this style and what you call link schemes wherein it is never advisable to join such.
  • Avoid adult content on your website. This alone will ban and disqualify your page from obtaining high rank by means of blockage or termination.
  • Affiliate programs are good but make sure the link you add to your signature provides relevant topic and not something totall different from what the user wants to see.

Now that you have an idea on the several ways you can help increase the ranking of your page, you might also want to research more on the various ways you can expand your scope and be known and visible in the best and appropriate way possible. For no lag monitoring of your page ranking, you may want to consult a Broadband Expert for a fast and uninterrupted internet connection.

About The Author: Krystine Joy Sitjar is  freelance writer that loves to do blogging and reviews more on SEO topics.She loves to eat street food.