The rate at which technology has advanced has certainly inspired upcoming authors to do self-printing of their material. This is good considering that working mainstream can earn one a lot of fame. Although there is still the probability of work being rejected by the market. Carole Blake has authored a book that is about the process of working with a mainstream publisher which is work that takes place in several stages.


Important steps to publishing

The first is submitting the piece to an agent which is the most delicate part of publishing the book. It is delicate because the agents do receive a lot of manuscripts daily. Thus, it is not a guarantee that all of them will be published. The response to the submission comes in much later and sometimes may be too shallow.

After all that is done, then step number two is negotiating an agreement when a manuscript is accepted. This agreement is more about the money and also the rights pertaining to the book. New writers do not get very good deals compared to the experienced ones. The whole process of publishing involves steps like including editorial, design production, sales, and marketing.

Sparing some time for more work

If one is a really determined writer, then there is no need for spending years waiting for publication of their manuscript. The ‘do it yourself’ book publishing has quickly become popular the past few years. It enables authors both experienced and upcoming to capture their target audience at a much faster rate than if they opted to use an intermediary. Many famous authors have used the do it yourself book publishing services that technology has accorded the human race e.g. Zane Grey.

Why use personal energy?

With the self-publish books, any author is assured that they will be capable of doing more work in the shortest time possible considering that for one there are fewer rejections. Some nice books like Harry Potter were rejected multiple times before they could make it into publishing. Thus if an author really wants the public to read their book, do it yourself book publishing is the way to go. The only rejection one is likely to face in such a case is from the public- they may choose to read or just decline the book.

In addition, self-publishing is way affordable because there are no upfront fees and there is a higher guarantee that the book will be published. Do it yourself book publishing comes with many affordable options such as Completely Novel which is free as well. There is no need to approach a publisher so many times.


The main disadvantage of this do it yourself option is that there are fewer professionals who deal with self-publishing compared to the regular publishing houses. Therefore, one may use the do it yourself option as a stepping stone in order to get a better chance of being accepted by the mainstream publishers easily and without much hustle. It is the best option for a writer if they want their work to reach the market quickly.