Once you have joined the blogging world there is a very important saying that you must always bear in mind – ” A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Yes, you are a writer and that is what you want to do but pictures add spice to your written posts. Of course all your posts do not need to have a picture and it depends on the Blog you have but once a picture will be an added attraction to readers make sure one is there. Place more than one picture and that would probably make things even better for you.


What a blessing a digital camera is! To a blogger it will become just as important as the laptop, computer, pen, paper or whatever you use to gather material for your next post.  Gone are the days when you need to finish an entire roll of film to be developed. Oh, how things have changed and all for the better.

Get yourself a digital camera, learn how to use it correctly and make sure that you charge it from time to time. Never make the day come when you see an opportune moment to take pictures and the battery is low. You do not have to be a professional photographer. Work at it and you will be surprised at the beautiful pictures that you are capable of taking.

Pictures of you, your family, pets, favorite things, buildings, places you visit, various food items, give-aways, flowers, birds and anything that will enhance the subject matter will come in handy. It is very important that a Blogger, especially a new one, takes time out to surf other Blogs. Of course that is what you are hoping others will do and in the process end up on your Blog. It is a good learning process.

While surfing take note of how many times an awesome picture grabs your attention as a catchy headline would.  As a matter of fact it may even grab your attention before you even see the headline. Doesn’t that tell us something? We should do likewise whenever possible.

While there are times when a picture will enhance a written post, the day is going to come when the picture is all you have to post. You may be under pressure doing various assignments, having health problems, dealing with family matters and a wide range of things and therefore do not have enough time to write the post. This is specially the case for those of us who heed the advice that it is best to update our blogs on a regular basis.

In another instance you might be interested in participating in Blog posts that several Bloggers participate in on a specific day. For example there are posts titled ‘Wordless Wednesday’ and  ‘Silent Sunday.’ On those days Bloggers post pictures without words. Some may add a caption. No doubt more posts like these exist on other days. Make it a picture that will elicit responses and you will be amazed at how many comments such posts receive. This is your choice and you may even choose a different day from those that others participate in. There are benefits at times when you dare to be different.

There are many cookery blogs. In addition there are Bloggers who write about a wide variety of subjects and therefore sometimes post pictures of their favorite family dishes and the various meals they prepare from time to time or have enjoyed at a restaurant or special event. These posts list recipes but a recipe without a picture of the dish won’t have half the effect. Even more impressive is when the Blogger shows pictures of the step by step process of preparing the mouth watering dish that is shown at the top of the post. Such a Blog will attract followers who find this guidance most helpful.

Bloggers find various ways to attract readers and these include give-aways. Now if you want readers to see what you are giving away you must have some pictures to encourage them to consider having a go at it.  Pictures of clothes, jewellery, shoes and a wide array of  items are important to showcase in such giveaways.

While some are giving away items others earn money by reviewing items for various companies.  This is another instance where the post must be accompanied by pictures as this will help to sell a product. More sales will mean more money and more opportunities to sell other products from that same company and others.

There are no two ways about it. If you have a Blog you need a camera and those pictures to spice up your posts. Hopefully, you will not encounter a bad case of writer’s block, but if you do, just get your camera and go roaming and see if you do not find ideas for yet another post!  Keep your camera close and start clicking away today!