business-online-reputationYou need to keep an eye on your site’s reputation because if you don’t you can at least leave money on the table or even land in hot water. Let me explain what I’m mean by that. Say, somebody told his friend about your site and the services or products you happen to provide on your site. Now, the friend turned out to be a savvy Internet guy and decided to firstly see what people say about your site on the Web. So, he goes to Google and just types in your site’s name in the search text field in order to find out more about your online business. In case you never watched your online reputation, chances are somebody said something not exactly great about your site on some forum or something like that. And you have no idea that such a surprise exists in the world.  Even if it one such a review or just a mention in the SERP for your brand name can be a very bad sign and you really need to fix it before it gets too late (when your customers start seeing that).    So, you need to watch your online reputation in order to:

  • To create a positive image for your company
  • Fight the negative image
  • Improve conversion rates

What to look for   First off, you need to find out what queries (keywords and key phrases) you’re supposed to closely watch. You can just take a guess and try to understand what sort of typos can be made while typing your brand name. Say, your domain name is In that case possible ways to misspell that name may include:,,,, etc. Sure thing, it’s not the best way to create your list of words to keep an eye on. There’s a pretty neat and free tool on that allows to see possible misspellings for your domain name.  Other than that you can also go to your Google Analytics account and see if there’s any traffic generated by your domain name misspellings. And the last (but surely not least) way to get that info is to analyze Google search hints.

Prevention and fast troubleshooting

As we all know, prevention is better and easier than cure. And it holds true for the Web as well. Thanks to savvy tech guys out there, we have a whole bunch of online tools that allow monitoring reputation on the Web. Just to name a few,, Google Alerts,, etc. These services allow you to make sure that you’re informed right away a problem with your online reputation appears. And knowledge is power. Having received a notification from, say, Google Alerts, you need to immediately go to the site where the issue came into existence and try to solve it in one way or another.

How to remove negative content

You’ve spotted the text or what not that demolishes the positive image of your company that you’ve managed to create. Now the question is what exactly you can do so that the negative note disappears. There’s a few possible ways:

  1. Contact the site owner
  2. Touch base with the hosting company
  3. Contact the domain registrar

Promote positive stuff

OK, great work. You’ve managed to remove the bad stuff about your site and now you’re all good. But the odds are that you won’t be able to do that. I mean there are situations when you just won’t be able to remove that sort of info.  What do you do in that case?    You got it. :) You need to promote positive info about your site or brand so that good stuff only occupies the search engine result page (SERP) for your keyword.    You can just make sure that your positive content has more inbound links so that it appears higher in results. You also can use snippets to improve visual results in Google and other search engines. Other than that you may want to use paired listings, and regional domain names.   Let’s take a look at this case study. Image an unsatisfied customer created a video about your services and put it up on YouTube. Sure thing, it’s not gonna be that easy to take it down for you. But … there’s a trick up my sleeve that can help in this situation. You can just have a positive video created, upload it to and be sure to make that video SUPER popular. Way more popular than the negative one. You can do it by asking all of your employees or/and friends to like it. And putting up a few links to that video won’t hurt either.

The bottom line

You can’t really ensure that bad attitude towards your online business never appears on the Internet. That’s bad news. But the really good news is that there are a slew of methods and tools to either monitor such cases and timely take care of them or to just make them dive so deep in SERPs so that your potential customer will never-ever see that review or what not.

About the author: Kenneth von Rauch is an avid and enthusiastic web design and web development self-made person. One of his prominent pages is the how to make a website one.