As the media landscape keeps on changing around us, travel writers are following different paths to succeed. For you to become that top-notch travel writer, you need to apply the following well researched tips.


  •  Get the basics down first: There is much competition in this desirable field. Read books on writing well, if possible take a writing course at your local college to incorporate professionalism; there are also many writing courses available at ( At minimum, travel writers need to master the basics of reporting and writing by engaging prose before blogging or getting hired. This will enable you to know what is expected of you before you even venture in the real business. You need to have your goals defined then through training and passion you can actually make a difference in travel writing business.
  • Find your niche: trying to be a generalist writer puts you in a large pool of incredible competition. It is far easier to make a name for yourself by becoming an expert in one field or one style of travel. Here, you specialize in the region or writing type in which you are best suited. While a generalist writer will be struggling to create an impression in many fields, you will already be flourishing in what you are best at.
  • Be original: ideas are your main tool of work in this field. The ability to come up with your own story ideas really gives you an upper hand than your competition. This is more important than what you put down on the page. It calls for creativity and usually thinking outside the box; allow your own thoughts and opinions be the basis of your topics.
  • Be a professional: unprofessionalism is a daily complaint from editors. Some writers send sloppy articles, miss deadlines and constantly make promises they cannot honor. You can really rise above this lot by reading publication guidelines and keenly observing the ethics learned at your course in writing or during training. This will place you a mile ahead of the pack of failing writers.
  • Travel every chance that comes your way: This suggestion does not only emphasize on international travel, but also local traveling which many writers to take for granted. Travel a lot because it is difficult to succeed as a travel writer without moving around. Local travel calls for unearthing stories that nobody else is writing about. Get past the adventure vacations which are obviously a cliché.

As a travel writer you can choose to be freelancer and work as an independent contractor for freelancing sites such as, or  Your success will greatly depend on your capabilities and the passion to succeed. This calls for discipline and persistence since as a beginner there are always challenges. Further, the internet can be a helpful resource. is a good place to meet and share with other travel writers.