It is no secret that there are many Bloggers and they cover any subject you can think of. They are all competing for readership with many doing so in a specific niche. However despite the competition bloggers know that it is good to spread the love and encourage each other along the way.

Bloggers Spreading the Love

Many share comments, ideas, thoughts and allow others to be co-hosts and guest hosts for a wide variety of posts. Some are even willing to help a new Blogger who seeks advice on an aspect of Blogging.

As you get into the Blogging world you will notice that another way that bloggers give each other encouragement is to pass on Blog awards to fellow Bloggers. Four of these awards that are regularly going the rounds are the Liebster, Versatile Blogger, Blog On Fire and Kreativ Blogger Awards. However one cannot decide out of the blue to give one of these awards. You need to wait until a Blogger gives you the award and then you can pass it to others.

As you visit other Blogs and share comments you will find several that inspire you, share similar experiences and interests as well as impart knowledge that will help you to become a better Blogger.

You will also be amazed that you are able to develop a good relationship with persons whom you have never met. What is even more interesting is the fact that you learn to appreciate even those who are not in a similar situation. It is after these experiences that you realize the impact that a Blogger can have and how much you are benefiting from other Blogs.

The day may come when one of these Bloggers receives an award and passes it on to you. It is up to you to decide how you show your appreciation but at least thank the person who passed it on and then decide where you go from there.

The Liebster award is one given to those who are early on the Blogging stage. The word Liebster is said to mean ‘favorite’ in German.The person receiving such an award should not have more than 200 Followers. When you receive it you are requested to link to the one who gave the award to you and then pass it to 5 Bloggers. If you wish in your post you can state why you wish to give these Bloggers the award.

Another popular award is the Versatile Blogger Award. This shows one’s ability to cover a wide range of subjects in a particular niche or blogging in general. Apart from thanking the person who gave you the award you are expected to write 7 things about yourself. Anyone who has read posts by someone who has received this award will learn more about the Blogger. This is your opportunity to help readers to get to know you better and you will be surprised how much this helps readers to relate to you. Once you have done this it is time to pass on the award to 15 newly discovered Bloggers.

Then there is the Blogs on Fire award. The name alone tells that you are making a mark! Again you will be required to tell 7 things about yourself. If you have already received the Versatile Blogger award you may want to post a link back to those 7 things or write 7 more things about yourself.

As is usually the case another award that expects you to reveal more about yourself is the KREATIV BLOGGER AWARD. Again you are requested to write 7 things about yourself and pass on the award to at least 15 Bloggers.

Once you are in the Blogging world embrace all the encouragement you receive. There can be no doubt that the person who sent it to you feels you are worthy of such an award and has come to appreciate your writings.

We are on this journey together and whether it is the sharing of Blog awards and links, exchanging buttons, writing comments, having a public Blog roll and so much more there is nothing wrong with spreading the love. Be ready, willing and able to show your appreciation to those Bloggers whose Blogs you have come to like.