Being a guest blogger is not a hard job really.  I mean, it can have its difficulties but for the most part, it is nothing like being a nuclear engineer or a neurosurgeon!  The problem is that you can never make everyone happy 100 percent of the time.  That being said, there are going to be some frustrations and obstacles that get in your way.  However, you cannot let them get you down.  All guest bloggers do experience some setbacks and let downs from time to time.  It goes with the territory.  Following are some of the most common complaints among guest bloggers.

Complicated Submission Instructions

This one makes many guest bloggers want to literally rip their hair out sometimes.  There is nothing worse than spending your time perfecting what you believe is an excellent guest post, having it accepted, and then having no idea how to submit it.  Some blog owners give out the most ridiculous set of instructions and many times, they are hard to understand, and that is putting it mildly.  You might get 1200 words worth of submission instructions and still be left clueless as to how your submission should be done.  When this happens, take a moment to relax and walk away from your computer.  Have a smoke or whatever it is you do for stress relief, and then come back.  Once you clear your head, you may be able to decipher the preposterously long manual you’ve just read.

No Reply at All

The famous, “I don’t have time for you ,as I am far too busy with my thousands of other tasks, and therefore will not reply to you at all, not ever,” is another mind killer for guest blog posters.  I mean you would think it would be easy enough to give a “yay” or “nay,” but no, some blog owners just simply will not respond, and this is very frustrating.  You have no idea where you stand, whether your post was denied or approved, or whether you will ever get an answer.  Now you are left sitting on a post you spent time and energy creating.  What do you do with it?  Here is where it gets tricky and even more frustrating, if that is even possible.

Accidental Duplicate Submissions

The above problem is what causes this to happen!  You sit on your post for weeks, or even a month until you finally decide that the blog you have requested it be submitted to is dead, has been captured by aliens, or is no longer being manned.  So, what is the next logical step?  You find another blog and request your post be submitted there.  It is not long at all before you receive the great news from the new blog owner, as he or she is actually responsible enough to send out replies, that your post has been accepted.  You feel all warm and fuzzy as you see your post go live, but this feeling does not last long when you get word, finally, that your post was in fact accepted and posted by the previous blog owner as well.  Now you have two exact matches posted on two blogs!  It is a guest blogger’s nightmare.

Post Rejection

Whilst you may be a really great writer, or at least believe you are, you will be denied from blog owners.  Again, this goes back to the above-mentioned problem that you will never be able to satisfy everyone, all the time.  For whatever reasons, some blog owners may not like your posts, and may deny them.  This rejection for a writer is difficult to withstand, but if you plan on guest posting, make sure you can take it.  You had better get some thick skin or you are likely to get hurt feelings!  Just keep in mind that whilst one has denied you, there are thousands more out there.  As they say, dust yourself off and try again somewhere else.

Critical Comments

Most bloggers at one time or another have wanted to jump through the computer screen and rip the head off someone remarking negatively to a post of theirs.  This is something else you had better try to become acquainted with, if you are to be successful at guest-blogging.  The internet is full of people that are not going to be necessarily sensitive to your feelings and some may even be out-right mean and nasty. Don’t let them ruin your day. Be professional, ignore the snotty and ugly comments, and move on with your life.

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