iPad is not something that comes to the mind for writing books or even blogging. The lack of keyboard and a small 10 inch screen can be a nightmare if you had to use it for writing a full-fledged novel. However the portability that an iPad can provide you cannot be matched with a desktop computer or a laptop even.

This can come really handy if an idea struck to your mind and you are travelling in the public transport or relaxing in the garden and are in no mood to enter the dark room. With some practice with the touch screen keyboard or better by investing in a Bluetooth keyboard, you can at least start working on your next article or maybe finish and publish via your iPad.


My Writing Spot

It is a perfect application for book and novel writers. The format of the application will suit publishing a real book or ebook and comes with many other features which will make writing a book hassle free. Some features include- Auto Save, password protection, character and word count etc.


Advanced English Dictionary And Thesaurus

This application contains a large database of English words and can be used without any internet connection. Not only does this application get you word meanings but also with the built in thesaurus you can get the perfect word for your article. The application is available for FREE at Apple App Store.

advanced_english_dictionary_and_thesaurus: iPad App


Blogsy is considered as one of the best blogging tools for iPad. You can easily create posts for your blog with this application and add images and other media just by dragging it into the post. It is compatible with every major blogging platform as well as YouTube, Flickr etc. No need for tiresome HTML coding as you can format it just by pressing a button.


Blogpress is another blogging tool available for iPad. It can also be used in your iPhone and iPod touch. Blogpress suits best for video bloggers and can also be used by other bloggers too. The application also supports password protection and various HTML shortcuts.



It is free software from WordPress for iPad and iPhone. As most of the blogs in web use the wordpress platform, the software can come handy for managing WordPress blogs. The application allows you to create or edit posts, pages and also allows you to moderate comments etc. Although the application lacks many features compared to Blogsy and Blogpress, it is nevertheless a great application and can come real handy.


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