Starting Your Own BlogBlogging is not a new thing to anyone nowadays and on good side it is not going to end anytime. If you want to share anything with world directly without any limitation then that can be done easily by blogging. Moreover blogging is one of the prime ways to earn money online because it allows you to put advertisements on your blog. There are thousands numbers of blogs on all over the internet, some of them are super hits but many of them are super flops. Every super hit blog have its own reasons for such high achievement and similarly super flop blogs use to have their own reasons for such low achievements. Much of it is based on decision making, preparation, and plans for action. I am going to give you 10 basic steps to starting a blog in the right direction:

1. Decide your subject – This is important because if you are going for blogging then that must be based on some subject and that subject should be the one from your expertise. Choose subject very carefully. You should be choosing the subject on whom you can write on regular basis and subject which always attracts you.

2. Decide which blog you want to opt, free hosted or own hosted- This is the part where you have to decide that whether you want to free hosting blog or you want to get your own domain and host blog there. For free hosting you can go to [ ] or to host your own blog you can do some research for best hosting plans.

3. Decide the Keywords – This is a SEO work, each website or blog use to be get promoted on certain kind of keywords and deciding those keywords is important. If you have good quality keywords under your focus then your blog will get in to ranking of search engine in reference to those keywords. For keywords factor please consult some experienced person around you, you can get keywords related to your blog by using Google keyword tool.

4. Title is important – Whatever you post on your blog don’t forget to give it a title and include one of your keywords in the title if you can. Title is not only important for your article; it is a kind of face of your article for search engines.

5. Include keywords in body appropriately – Now as you have the keywords to be promoted, don’t forget them to include then in the blog post. This is important because this only will optimize your blog for those certain keywords. Do include keywords wherever you have the opportunity.

6. Make your blog post lengthy and interesting – Your blog should be interesting and should be able to keep visitors busy for as long as possible. For this make your blog posts lengthier and more creative.

7. Consider the latest updates only – No matter what your blog focuses on, your posting should be based on latest news and updates, old news is of no use to most.

8. Easy Navigation – Your blog should have a easily navigation system because that will reduce the complexity of your blog and will make it easily accessible.

9. SEO – This is what you can do to improve your blog ranking on search engines. Search engines provide the traffic to your blog. DO consider hiring professionals for this job. When new and planning to work this process yourself, you will find there is time needed first, to learn the system, then the time it takes to apply what you have learned. You want to avoid any unnecessary delays executing your SEO implementation.

10. Revenue from Advertising – This is very basic way to generate income out of your blog, you can add advertisements from affiliate systems online like Google Analytics, InfoLinks, or Kontera, In addition, as the value and popularity of your blog increases, you can even sell your own direct ads on the site.