Do-it-Yourself-PublishingDigital technologies and Do-it-yourself options provide new possibilities for writers. No longer do writers need to offer their work to the public via the conventional methods of the past. For some writers, Do-it-yourself book publishing is the way to getting started and making a name can be done using the various self publishing methods online or print book options. For now, the traditional methods still dominate the introduction of new books. However, do-it-yourself book publishing, also known as self publishing, is growing in popularity daily.

There are many benefits for writers who use do-it-yourself book publishing, especially for newer writers. A writer that self publishes a book will be able to let the market determine the quality of the work, instead of a publisher hesitant to take a chance on an unknown writer. Self publishing can save the writer many years of hard work, attempting to find a publisher to put the book in print.

Traditional publishers do not necessarily offer a wider introduction for new books. This is especially true when a new work is published as excerpts online. Do-it-yourself book publishing, gets your book published almost instantly, compared to the amount of time it takes to be noticed, selected, formatted and printed by in the standard manner.

By taking the do-it-yourself book publishing route, you cut out months or years of rejection. If your work becomes noticed, you will find it much easier to approach traditional publishers, if you chose to do so. When the time comes to negotiate a contract, you could be in a much stronger position than an untried, untested new writer.

Although self publishing has increased markedly in recent years, it is not really a new idea. There are a lot of successful writers who self published a book at some time in their writing career. Self publishing also saves you a lot of upfront fees that traditional publishers charge new, untested writers. Your money is spent on preparing and printing books that can go directly in front of the public reading eye.

Another benefit for writers who use the do-it-yourself book publishing method is the increased revenue you, as the writer, will get from each book. With traditional book publishing, there are at least six different people wanting a piece of the revenue from your book. Traditionally, the writer will receive 6 to 8 percent of the sales price. With the do-it-yourself book publishing method, the writer can expect to make 25 percent from the sales price of each book.

The extra money earned can be used for promotion and wider distribution of the book. If it is well accepted, follow up printings can have more attractive and better bindings. However, buyers of self published books do not seem to mind the less expensive book prices from less fancy bindings.

In today’s world, any time you can do something faster, better, and less expensively it is worth serious consideration. That is the case with do-it-yourself book publishing too. The benefits for the writer of good books can save time and increase the amount of money that can be made.