Whether you are looking to make a living or you just want additional money on the side, there are many ways that you can make legitimate money online. At times you will only need to work from home. The internet can also provide you with passive income which will continue streaming in long after you are gone. In this article, we look at 20 legitimate ways to make money online.

 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online

1. Become a freelance writer

If you can write informative articles in good grammar, you are sitting on some cash. Go online and offer your services as a freelance writer. There are many freelance websites that have loads of writing to be done. In most cases you are paid immediately you finish writing. Freelancer.com,odesk.com, guru.com and elance.com are examples of freelance sites where you can sell your skill not only in writing but also in wed design and so many other areas.

2. Start a blog

You can start you own blog without necessarily owning a website. There are websites such as www.bloggger.com., where you can create a blog within minutes. The secret to a build loyal readership for your blog is to write informative content that is of value to your readers. Google Adsense is automatically configured to your blog so that you can earn when people click advertisements on your blog.

3. Sell photos

There are many people seeking to pay for the right image that gets their work done. So if you have some nice pictures that are not protected by copyright you can upload them to fotolia, Dreamstime or iStockphoto and you will get some good cash for them.

4. Design websites

Today you can design a good looking website without the slightest knowledge of what is HTML by making use of free software such as Kompozer. You can work as a freelancer or look for clients in forums such as Digital point.

5. Help people get employment

You can connect qualified job seeker to employer and get compensated for it. Sites like Wise stepp and Referearns specialize with this kind of networking.

6. Design logos

You can make use of free software such as photo filter to design attractive logos for new and upcoming websites and blogs. Clients are everywhere from webmaster forums to freelancing sites.

7. Conduct online surveys

In as much as there are many scams in the internet today, it doesn’t mean that there are no legitimate surveys that you can conduct and get paid. Yourfreesurveys, surveyspot and datatelligence are examples of legitimate online survey companies.

8. Get paid to do mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is being used by market research companies to evaluate quality of service. As a mystery shopper you buy items and give feedback at a fee. You will be refunded the money you used to buy the items and sometimes you are allowed to keep the items as well.

9. Sell items on eBay

It is free to advertise items on eBay. Just give them the right price and you stand a chance to get contacted by clients. You can also sell them at craigslist.

10. Help suppliers get buyers

Sites such as salesconx and Urefer state what they are willing to pay you for a referral and you are also paid when a transaction takes place.

11. Become an affiliate

Affiliate marketers sell other people’s product and get a commission for it. Some popular affiliate networks that you can join include commission junction, Link Share, and clickbank.

12. Facebook

You can use facebook to place ads on their serving platform and make money. You can also be paid for liking a product and making your friends like it.

13. Forex trade

Forex is very profitable with a daily turnover of 3 trillion globally. You can start by using virtual money because there are risks involved.

14. Selling e-books

Decide to make a self help e-book and sell it. If it offers solutions that work, people are willing to pay good money for it. You can also write on anything you feel you know very well.

15. Sell websites

Build websites and ensure that they are up and running, then sell them. You can also have a blog and ensure it has good traffic and then sell it.

16. Install software for others

Not everyone knows how to install software. Learn how and make sure you are a pro. Then advertise yourself and make money out of that. MakeUseOf.com is a great resource for technical tips and resources.

17. Become a virtual assistant

Many small businesses are seeking the services of virtual assistants. You can find employers on freelance sites such as odesk.com and elance.com.

18. Transcribe audio files

To transcribe you have to be a very keen listener and have good language skills. Opportunities are available in many freelance sites.

19. Trade binary options

This works by a trader choosing whether a value of currency or other financial asset will go up or down. If they are correct they make money.

20. Write for publications

Just look around in the magazines you can find and see if they require your services on something they do not currently write on, then propose to the and if they agree, you can start making money.

There are so many ways to make money online that are safe and easy; you just need to choose one and go right ahead.