writing-and-author-careers: how to start You may be wondering how to start a career as a writer. The key factor as with any other care, you must prepare. Preparation includes not only searching for potential jobs and leads, it also includes preparation of the fundamentals such as creating a writer’s resume, creating a collection of your best writing samples or clips, and producing a writer or author website.

During preparation, you also want to consider including any educational training, degrees, and work experience you could use to further enhance your credibility or credentials as a writer or author.

Educational Training

To obtain a salaried position as a writer, a college degree is generally required, bachelor degree, the commonly preferred. Many employers hire writers that hold a degree in either English, Journalism, or Communications because writing skills are an essential part of the job. Writers with strong backgrounds in occupations that required strong writing skills are also considered. Formal training or experience is typically required for writers that want to specialize in a particular topic or industry of writing such as technical, legal, medical or such others. Writers that plan to target the online industry, will need to be knowledgeable about the internet, communication tools online, multimedia and web technology such as publishing online, web pages, and graphic image editing.

How to Get Experience

There are many areas in which a Writer can gain experience including volunteering or freelancing. Writer can submit clips or articles for publishing to newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations, publishing and advertising companies, nonprofit organizations and schools. In addition, there are many opportunities for students to work as an intern. Getting started with learning how to write stories, conduct research and conduct interviews will gain Writers the general publishing experience most employers are looking for.

If you are looking to extend your career beyond having an employer, you can definitely dive into paid writing opportunities online. Starting an online blog or getting hired to manage writing for someone else’s blog is a great way to build writing experience, regardless of education. The decrem of writing is all about portraying quality of writing in a unique perspective are the greatest determinant of successful writing. When choosing to take this writing path, if you have not done so already, you will want to power-up your knowledge on how to use web-based applications, graphics, audio and video online.

Credential Building

To build your reputation as an established writer, you want to advance your career and skills as often as you can. Ways to do this include taking on complex writing assignments and getting published in well-known or prestigious publications and markets. Publishing work that you can show was well-received are works that bring credibility and favor to your career. Good places to start building such track records would be with smaller businesses, local publications and newspapers, small advertising companies and nonprofit organizations like faith-based institutions, local high schools, colleges, and associations. From the beginning authors can take credit for written works.

Writer and Author Qualities

  • Writing Skills. In order to communicate effectively with readers, writer and authors must be able to convey feelings and emotions through words.
  • Creativity. Writing is an artform and should be embraced as such. As a writer or author, you should be creative with your thoughts and ways of expression to develop ideas, stories, or narratives that others will consider interesting or compelling.
  • Persuasion. Whether fiction or nonfiction, writers and authors must develop the power of persuasion. As teller of the story or idea, the writer or author must hone their skills on how to make the writing believable or persuade the reader to feel a certain way in relationship to the story or idea in order to influence the emotion or emotional connection. Understanding how readers react to certain ideas will help you as a writer or author, connect with your audience.
  • Persistence. The industry of writing is a competitive business and writing is a business of connecting with others through words. Sometime this process can take many writers and authors years to become established and then there are others who gain more immediate successes through freelancing. Either way, as a writer or author, be ready to power-up on the 3P’s through the process: persistence, perseverance, and patience.
  • Organization. Writer and authors must be organized. Many writing jobs, whether salaried or freelance will require the management of multiple projects be it for employers or personal customers. There is potential for multiple stories, ideas, research, and publishing deadlines to arise simultaneously. The successful writer or author will have to be ready to rise to the occasion(s) and get the job done. The ability to multitask is not an option, it becomes a necessary requirement and must-have skill for a writer or author’s continued success.