In the bumbling and busy world of a writer, many people are confused and otherwise lost on everything it takes to be successful. There’s a gold mine of opportunity waiting for each and every freelance writer out there, most just have no idea how to get to it. There are steps to take, patience that will surely be tested, and frustration along the way. But with a little help, you can start making money online as a freelance writer.

Find the Sites that Work

There are hundreds of freelance writing sites out there. That’s right; hundreds, if not thousands. Most of them, however, probably aren’t going to help further your career. Why? Because everyone is different, and every website is different. You need to find the websites that match you. Guru, eLance, oDesk, and Freelancer are all professional writing sites that have thousands of employers asking for writers to write for them. You send your proposal, bid, or cover letter to whoever you want to hire you, and you have the potential of making how much ever money they’re offering. Many people make a living off this, by using not just one site but multiple ones at once to increase their being-hired percentage. It takes patience, like all good things do, to bring in the income you want with these sites. It takes a few months to get your name out there, then a few more to get employers to actually want you. Once you’ve built up a good enough reputation, the income will start flowing in more quickly and more easily, and you’ll even have some long-term partnerships with certain employers.

Learn how to Write a Good Proposal

Making money online as a freelance writer isn’t always about where you’re at or what you’re writing; it’s how you got there. Every professional freelance writer knows that to get an excellent job offer, then need to write an even better proposal. A proposal, cover letter, or bid is the first thing your potential client is going to see. It needs to be professional, grammatically correct, with no spelling errors and no boring details. It needs to be precise in getting your point across. You want it to be better than all the other writers also applying for the same job, so you need to add a little extra to the mix. A good proposal involves introducing yourself, letting the client know that you understand everything in the job offer and read the project description carefully, and the quality of your abilities. For an employer’s point of view on what a good proposal should look like, simply follow the link and see through a client’s eyes.

Respond Immediately

After you apply to a job, don’t just leave your computer. You need to be ready to reply when your client is ready to interview you. This is a very important part of the hiring process, and it can’t be stressed enough. Keep in mind, your employer is probably interviewing other candidates for the job as well. Not responding fast enough might ultimately lose you the job to someone who replied fast. Your client is looking for someone who can be updated daily and responds punctually, because this reflects how quickly you’ll be able to turn in the actual project you were applying for in the first place.

Be Honest

Never, everlie about the quality of your work, how well you understand the project, or how quickly you can complete the job. From personal experience, lying about your work habits and qualities will almost definitely come back to haunt you. Furthermore, if you apply to an application and then find that when you get hired that you’re unable to complete the job because you’re not qualified, this can hurt your overall reputation. The writing world doesn’t enjoy anyone screwing up, and it’s your job as a freelance writer not to. How else are you going to make money?

Have a Payment Method Already Ready

Do not hassle your employer by making them wait for you to set up a PayPal, Payoneer, or other form of withdrawal method. It’s not their problem and they can easily find a writer who already has a way to be paid. Have the way you want to be paid set up before you start any job. Period.

Enter into Writing Contests

It might sound elementary, but freelance writing contests can occasionally offer big bucks for those who really try at it. oDesk,, and Helium offer contests that can ultimately earn you lots of income, depending on how many you enter and how many you actually win. Remember that you don’t win anything for not placing at all though, so you’re taking a chance when you enter any of them in writing as just a waste of time. Freelance writing is a tough career that some just aren’t qualified to do. Many don’t have the patience, and give up along the way. But with hard work, time, and a little talent, you can make money online as a freelance writer. All you have to do is really want it.

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