Although we often take our personal and business security for granted until it’s too late, the company with the desire for growth, as well as larger corporations that have an increased business, should answer on the following questions:

Business Issues 101: Ways To Securing Your Business

Ways to Securing Your Business

  • What is the business security of our company?
  • Can we improve our business security?
  • How to be prepared in emergencies and reduce the damage using the proper coordinated action?

Today, it is very necessary to have in mind that safety is a part of the business processes of a company. Material damage, however, can be huge, but it is recoverable. Intangible damage is not recoverable because it is sending a bad image of the company. The Internet provides great opportunities to find information, but also a myriad of pitfalls. Traveling can be unpleasant, and people can lose money on credit cards in no time.

The risks are different and can occur outside, due to negligence, ignorance, intent, force majeure. Safety for employees and property, information systems, protection and data collection, human resources, finance, contracting, procurement, piracy, etc. all can now be threatened if business people do not think about it.

Take the example of counterfeiting. Counterfeiting is now the fourth-profit business in the world after the sale of weapons, narcotics and prostitution. Five to seven percent annual turnover in the market, goes to counterfeit goods. Because of this, in EU every year many people lose their jobs.

For some segments the lawmaker has set by himself the level of security, such as fire hazards, protection of confidential information, etc. However, it is not enough. Organization should be established in accordance with certain parameters:

  • whether it is a small, medium or large company
  • what is a profit of that company
  • its activities
  • location
  • socio-political environment, which depends on whether there is a fair competition or there are no statutory controls
  • and much more.

However, for small and, in most cases, the home office security system costs are too high, but they certainly need to take care of their security. Large companies, however, must have established system of security. There must be a person in charge of crisis situations, such as floods, collapse of servers, and so on. The company should appoint a person primarily responsible for corporate security. It must be highly ranked and equal to communicate with management, with very high and clear authority.

If companies want to secure their online businesses they will need to buy some web security programs. There are many programs for this purpose like:

  1. Antivirus programs – Is is smart to buy this programs because there are many viruses that are circulating the web right now.
  2. AntiSpam Software program Everybody know that phishing and spam emails are very dangerous. This is a good way to shield all computers in the company.
  3. Web site Lock Options People are not paying attention to this problem. Workers can very easily download something malicious on the Web. They can spend their time using some social websites and they can write something that has meant to be a business secret.

Clare Perry is an avid home baker as well as taking a part-time role as marketing assistant of Judah Apparel. She previously works as freelance writer before for a security company, therefore she is inept both in writing as well as any kind of niche – ranging from safety and security to cooking, gardening and infant clothing, education and art sciences.