Creating and managing a team is one thing but having a company structure that facilitates teamwork is another kettle of fish. Joining a team as a new employee and performing as a member of the team is paramount for job satisfaction and longevity. A team won’t run coherently without teamwork, therefore team building and maintenance is essential. It is a central part of the working life of the company. It is like a skeleton from which all arms of a business function and work.

Cohesive Teamwork Essentials

  • Creates synergy.
  • It supports a more empowered way of working through eliminating any pathways that may stop someone from doing their job properly
  • A good team will promote a lean working structure with less need for hierarchy. Working together for a coherent purpose that everyone understands will create the bond that a company needs to run efficiently.
  • A well-run team should be multi-disciplinary.
  • It will foster flexibility and approach-ability and promote the ability to be able to respond to change.
  • Customers like to be able to work with a coherent happy team. In some cases, the client may even become part of that team when working on a project closely.
  • A good team should be rewarded for its achievement and feel proud to be part of it. Camaraderie in the workplace will keep a company happy and motivated.
  • Good management of a team is essential, as teamwork is a much better way to work, apart from the fact that it is significantly more efficient it is motivating and morale-boosting for everyone when success is involved.

The role of the manager is without a doubt crucial for the team to synergies. A well-oiled machine (the team) will keep a company fluid and give it momentum to overcome any obstacles put in its way. Teamwork is, therefore, the glue that binds everyone together, it should promote strength, support, and reliability. Teamwork doesn’t mean that everyone does the same thing or that every person in the department can do each other’s jobs it’s about finding a form of synergy. If a team is properly managed then teamwork automatically maximizes strength and will bring out the best in its member’s.

Therefore by incorporating team building events into the life force of your company you will be enhancing and utilizing the individual strengths of every member of staff. Take UK entrepreneur, Richard Branson, for example, he stated that, “What matters is working with a few close friends, people you respect, knowing that if times did turn bad these people would hold together.” However not all teams consist of friends and they do not need to either, effectiveness comes from the strategy that is implemented. Trained facilitators can help build a team that works well collectively. So by using an outside company that suggests exercises and activities bring all of these elements together, is a perfect way of producing a coherent group of people that will mutually help each other for the benefit of the business.

By Harry Price | a writer from the south coast who loves to travel, cook and run marathons.  Though not always in that order and definitely not at the same time!