Job RecruitmentWhen applying for a job, it is the job description that tells the applicants what will be required of them. It is also important to let the applicants know whether or not they are the right pick for the job. Without a job description, physics major might be applying for a Literature job and an engineer might end up stuck in interior designing. Just like employers admire, appreciate and prefer resumes that are crisp and all-encapsulating when it comes to knowing something of the applicant, the job description sets the tone for the applicant. It also states how professional the company announcing the vacancy is. It helps the candidates determine the serious nature of the job.

Importance of Job Description and Recruitment Process

A job description lays out all the skills, education, experience and training required of the potential employee. If you have a vacancy and have to write a job description, ensure that you understand that it is the description that is responsible for a great percentage of applicants that apply. More than that, you have to ensure that the following components are mentioned in the description:


Just like there is an opening statement in a resume, there should be an opening statement for a job description too. This statement should not be more than two sentences and should be almost summary like for everything that comes after it. It should inform the applicant the requirements of the job in the crispiest way.


This section is usually the one that is the lengthiest. This also is based on how the complex the job is. In terms of the structure of this part of a job description, it is best to make it as eye catching as possible, in order to do this you can even write this in bullet points so the applicants can just skim through it and see what is demanded of them. If you write it in a paragraph form, be sure to make it as interesting as possible. Interestingly laid out job description will grasp the attention of the applicant.  You can use this section to clearly and crisply lay out all of what would be required of the applicant if he gets the job. This allows them to assess whether they feel up to the mark for the job or not.


This is the section that demands something of the applicant. There is a reason why a certain applicant applies a job at one place and not another – they feel they would be useful in one place and not another. In this section of the job description you have to make the applicant question himself whether he possesses all the qualities required to do effectively well on the job vacancy you have posted. If you ask them to be cooperative or hardworking, it also sets the tone of the workplace itself.


This is the section that somewhat prepares the applicant of the things they will be assessed on. This is similar to a university’s admission criteria. You have to have certain years of experience to be eligible for the job position and such. This immediately filters out all the required individuals.

With this, you are guaranteed to find the best applicant.

Mary Simmons is the author of this article. She talks about all the ways in which a job description can make it easier for employers to set the tone and recommends for their expertise.