People might tell you international law is a subject with zero practicability and is useless in the long run. However, the reality states otherwise. This article gives you four reasons that shed light on the idea that international law is indeed an asset for the legal fraternity. Here is what makes it so useful.

The Guiding Light

International law provides a guiding line for future legislation. For example, if you wish to draft legislation which caters to the socio-economic problems of women; you could always refer to the CEDAW i.e. Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women. This will tell you about the rights women have and the corresponding duties the state has in order to protect these rights. It is important to stay in tandem with international law to respect a uniform standard of law that is recognized worldwide. For example, if you choose to enact legislation that entirely deviates from the international law of the sea; you will not only be disrespecting the standards accepted by other countries, you will also be alienated from international organizations for not conforming to general norms.

Internationally Voicing Concerns

It is a known fact that international law provides nations with a forum to voice their concerns about whatever happens in other states. States need to be answerable to some supra organization so that they do not grossly misuse their sovereignty. This is where international law comes in handy. It is applicable to states all over the world.

A Better Assessment of Claims

Knowledge of international law is also important because you need to understand the standards and limits set by law for states and citizens of these states. You will thus need to consult law firms regarding your situation in international law. There are various renowned consultants who assess claims from a very holistic viewpoint. This is especially helpful if you are travelling.

Providing Better Justice

International law can prevent miscarriages of justice. An example would be the case of Van Gend en Loos whereby an individual was allowed to take a claim against their state to the International European Court of Justice because they felt they had been wronged. The court decided in the individual’s favor and granted a remedy that became a major precedent in later cases. Thus, international law played its role in providing justice to an individual that local law could not. Such decisions in international law control how states work and empower individuals.

There may be many issues in your case that international law caters to but your own jurisdiction won’t. In order to effectively have those issues resolved, you must assess your matter internationally so that it is easily determined. There may not be a lot of lawyers who will take up your case but the right ones will not only take it up but will guide you through it successfully as well.

The reasons mentioned above are not enough to explain why you should give importance to international law. However, this article serves as a starting point for why you should consider looking into aspects of law before you assess your claim entirely.

James Targon is a law professor with over two decades of experience in teaching different sorts of family law cases. He recommends lawyers at DJP Solicitors for consultancy.