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Every one of us is unique, so working together as a team can have its complications as well as rewards. The patterns of behavior that we display will indicate how we perform individually as well as in a team. Companies use team build activities whether they are large or small corporations to improve productivity in the workplace, boost morale and confidence amongst the employees, discover the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and find new ways of learning effective strategies.

Practice communication activities that involve problem-solving in one particular area in which the team can focus on. The concept behind these is to build teamwork skills through fun and challenging tasks. By using simple games it is possible to show how working in a group can be fun. Most importantly they show how each person taking part directly affects and contributes to the result of the overall group. Therefore these games are particularly focused on ‘departmental’ working.

Make a giant jigsaw of a picture or painting.

The leader of the exercise could show the group a well-known picture that is full of detail. This picture would then be cut up like a jigsaw puzzle and handed out to each member of the group. Each person then has to replicate their piece so it is 4 times larger than the original they have been given. Paper, pens, coloring implements, rulers etc. should all be at hand. The task should take no longer than 20 minutes. What this activity specifically does is pose the issue of how each individual’s work will affect the overall outcome of the ‘larger picture’.

Sneak Peaks

All you will need is some children’s building blocks for this one. Get the instructor to build a small sculpture and hide it from the group. Divide the group into teams of 4 and give them enough building blocks so that they can replicate the building that the instructor has just done. One member from each of the teams should come to the front and take a sneaky peek at the sculpture created, it should be studied for no more than 10 seconds. They then have 30 seconds to instruct the remainder of the group on how to construct the building to make it as close to the original as possible. This should be timed for 1 minute. Each member of the team then takes it in turn to do exactly the same thing. This pattern should continue until one of the teams has successfully completed an exact replica of the original sculpture. What this game teaches is effective communication within a group. It shows how a team attempts to solve a problem until the desired outcome is found.

Understanding what lies at the root of team problems is an issue that all business need to know. Poor communication will lead to a myriad of mistakes such as missed deadlines, lost opportunities and quality issues. Therefore team building exercises that focus on communication are paramount to the success of a business.  Talk to a specialist today!

By Harry Price | a freelance writer and artist, who lives on the south coast.  He enjoys long coastal walks with his wife and 3 dogs and finds his picturesque surroundings inspiration for his work.