In today’s market, selling yourself is part of being a writer. An author website is an excellent way to promote your book, develop an online presence, and build your audience. Successful marketing goes beyond just selling the book, successful marketing moves to establish you as a brand.

Increase your selling opportunities by building your audience. An author website helps to extend that reach beyond local borders. The internet is world wide and opens world wide opportunities. Therefore, let us examine the dynamics. The purpose of the website is to provide information, give direction, and for your visitors to take action. No longer are visitors intrigued by flashy dynamics, or streaming text.

Many readers are time conscious and have very little to waste. They want the information fast, easy to find, and accessible without limitations. For example, the site should be accessible and easy to follow whether it is being accessed through a computer, mobile phone, or other digital device. Therefore, the website should have a clean and user friendly interface with easy to follow navigation or menus, and content should that is divided into paragraphs with headers and sub-headers for easy reading. The content should be clear, concise, and useful to your readers.

To develop an effective author website, you want to include the following primary sections:

Simplify the short version of your biography by reducing it to a profile, which is no more than three or four sentences. Reserve using the more lengthy versions of your biography for other occasions or marketing opportunities. Long winded pages of biography information can easily overwhelm and deter readers.

Avoid writing in first person. An author website is a business presentation to the world and should maintain that professional credibility. Remember in professional settings, the writing used is business writing, and the style is always third person. Be sure to always state your name and professional title in the opening sentence.

Capitalize on attributes and accolades. There are many things that we know about ourselves that we avoid sharing because we may not think they are important to others. Keep to the truth and share with others information such as background experiences and education. If you are a part of any groups, associations, organizations share them as well. Discussions around hobbies, interests, and interesting facts about yourself can make great conversation pieces and break a lot of barriers.

If you have not done so already, consider taking part in writing groups. There are many organizations that sponsor such groups, both small and large. Find one or two that suite your interest and participate. The time spent interacting with others can open the door for other opportunities, relationships, and is invested in perfecting your craft.

Provide a sneak preview of the book online. This can be accomplish several ways including excerpts from passages, page glances, short video or audio clips. The choice is yours! Just remember, whatever you do, keep in mine, the reader is the audience. It is easy to get taken away with ideas and cling to what we like. Time is a precious commodity and should be valued at all times, directly and indirectly. When selecting your sneak peek pieces, choose sections that will get your point across within most reasonable amount of time. Overkill can kill the intended message. Without giving away too much, you only want to peak interest, stir curiosity, and leave the reader wanting more.

Update the website on a regular basis. Make sure the site has the most up-to-date information including correct contact and purchase information. Keep readers informed about any upcoming events or anything that may be going on such as special offers, contests, or book signing tours.

Authors are more than writers, authors are also entrepreneurs and business owners. Writers are the owners of their own product and have the potential to reach millions of readers. Own your business, develop your brand, and let innovation open the door to new opportunities.