A bike helmet is the most important guard object when going for a ride of any length. Here is what you need to be aware of that will help you when selecting a bike helmet that will keep you safe. But wait, are you sure your bike helmet can give your head the utmost protection? Even a minor injury to the head can result while riding a bike and that can lead to a fatal injury in the brain. So, while riding, using a helmet is the most important safety gear you should never be without.

The US government has established strict regulations of safety standards in the manufacturing of bike helmets. Each helmet should bear a sticker declaring it compliance with the standards set by CPSC or Consumer Product Safety Commission. This sticker is mandatory, so don’t acquire a helmet that does not have it.

Whether it’s a little ride or a long one, a helmet is always a must. Therefore, a helmet does not hold you liberty to ride recklessly. But it will protect your head should you have a fall. For best results, make sure the helmet you are going to buy fits your head properly. It should cover your forehead. Fasten the straps properly. If you don’t, it will slip off your head even before you tip off the bike.

There are people who argue against using bike helmet and inquiry its utility. Their logic is we don’t wear helmets while driving, then why use a helmet while riding? Never go by this argument. When riding a bike a person is much more vulnerable. The layer of foam lined inside the bike helmet cushions your head to reduce the impact of an accident. The shell of the outer surface drops the impact on your neck if you skid on route.

In a bike store, you will find different varieties of helmets. The road helmets are different from mountain bike helmets. For bike race you need one designed for aerodynamic performance. For mountain biking, your helmet should be sturdy enough to endure the undulating terrains. Bike helmets are manufactured in a wide range of colors and have a stylish look. Still, when buying a helmet, fitting should be the foremost criterion.

Surveys state that wearing a bike helmet while riding reduces the possibility of head injury by 85%. Another report suggests that every year about 30% deaths in children below 15 years is caused by the bike accidents. It is true that helmets cannot prevent injuries totally, yet even a little protection is better than no protection at all. In many states there is a law that requires a child below 18 years to wear a bike helmet when riding. If you are not used to wearing a helmet, firstly you may feel uncomfortable, but gradually you will get accustomed to it. Be sure to wear it snug. A loosely fastened helmet will allow for little protection. So, when you leave for a bike expedition, whether on roads or mountains, remember to wear your helmet, every time.

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