A well-developed online employee orientation training is essential in welcoming new hires and giving them a positive first step towards their career in a company. No matter what type or size a business is, it is definitely going to benefit from offering an orientation program in an e-learning platform. In this article, we will be discussing a few of the most important benefits of providing an online employee orientation instead of traditional onboarding.

More Cost Effective

Unlike traditional training which involves printed learning materials, a venue, catering, and trainer costs every time a new batch of employees come in, an online employee orientation program will only involve a one-time cost of developing the e-learning course. And since everything new hires need is in the online program, there is no need for preparation. You simply give them the logins to the learning management system or LMS and they are all set.

Flexibility and Convenience

Online courses do not require employees to take these during their regular work hours. They can take them during their breaks or when they are at home which is a convenience that everyone will appreciate. For new hires, giving them the opportunity to attend the employee orientation program without having to go to a physical venue is a luxury, as they will have more personal time before their work officially begins.

Virtual Cross Training

While online employee onboarding typically covers basic information about the company’s culture, policies, and the employee’s basic responsibilities before they officially start working, the flexibility of an e-learning platform allows a company to add a few more to this. For instance, an online employee orientation program may include modules about other roles connected to the employee’s current position. This allows them to understand the correlation of roles within the organization and also prepares them for future situations that may require them to perform these roles.

Team Building and Collaboration

One of the advantages of e-learning platform is it can be a venue for collaboration among people from anywhere in the world. This applies to new hires who have not met personally but are able to do group works together virtually through the online orientation program. Even without being in a room together, new employees are able to collaborate and work together for team activities during their own convenient time. This is one thing that new hires can appreciate because it allows them to work on a single project and get to know each other even when they will not be working in the same department when they do start work.

While cost savings could be one of the major reasons a company would consider offering their employee orientation training program in the e-learning platform, this is not the only advantage of online training. There are so many benefits, both for the company and for its new hires. If you have been hesitant to try the online platform, there are a lot of great reasons to stop doubting and give the online training program a try.

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